FS: xbox 360 stuff

yea i need to get rid of some of my xbox 360 stuff that i didnt enjoy as much as i thought i would. :frowning:

DOA4 Hori stick i bought accually a week ago from here.i didnt like the japanese feel of the stick (total scrub i know) hahaha

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for xbox which is backwards compatible now and ill include the update cd to update ur hard drive incase u need it/whatever haha.

Call of Duty 2.i passed this game up the wazoo in every way possible so dont need it anymore tho its hella fun

CVS2 not backwards compatible yet but yea cross ur fingers :wink:

Gears of war if i can find it didnt care much for 3rd person shooters its halo or nothing haha

im willing to part with everything for $120 shipped which id say is more than resonable because well the stick i payd for it from here 85 like a little over a week ago but got buyers remorse that and didnt like the feel of japanese sticks.also the games which are each about roughly 20 buxx a pop except for gears of war which is still 60 and call of duty which is like 25 gamestop used i believe.keep the stuff ebay it seperately whatever youd like i just need to get rid of these items unless u have a good offer ill be more than gladly to listen to it and consider it

make a note that cvs2 is the XBOX version

yea that and well i dont have a set price since i have no idea what this would go for.i just want to get rid of it already

Pm sent

oh and i forgot to mention its the whole lot im trying to get rid of all at once.id rather do it all in 1 shabang rather than little by little :slight_smile: im too lazy to ebay it plus atlest here i knw it would go for someone who would enjoy it more

Sorry, kinda off topicā€¦Complete 360 noob here, can someone explain the whole backwards compatibility thing? How was it not compatible and now it is? Is there some kind of update that you pull that unlocks it?

well the hard drive stores the emulation files that xbox makes so that the new 360 can read the old xbox games. thats why when u buy a hard drive for the 360 it says its 20 gigs but its accually 14 because it saves 6 gigs for all the emulation for all the games over the years that theyll make backwards compatible

Thanks, so I know Anniversery just recently became compatible. How do they regulate that? I see you mentioned an update cd, do they also send updates over the internet to the 360?

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yea u can download them from the marketplace

all items sold.