FS: Xbox MK9 stick, SE stock Parts, Controllers, DB-25 Connectors, KOF OST


Hi Everyone,

I have some items that I want to get rid of just because I want to buy some new stuff.

Looking to buy or hopefully trade for:
6 Seimitsu PS14 K 30mm Blue buttons - Snap in only
RJ45 passthrough
Black Bat Top
RJ45 to PS2 cable that works like the PS360+ (not all of them do)

Hey, got two of these from Fan Expo, not really a fan of Tekken, so i’m willing to ship them out if who wants them pays shipping. It’s the poster on the left side. 22 x 34 inches


First off - Xbox 360 MK9 Arcade stick. Hardly used, stock parts, Mint condition. - 40** dollars + shipping (this thing is big, shipping will likely be 30-40 dollars, hoping to sell locally)**

Next up - PS3 SF4 Chun Li controller with dongle - 12 dollars shipped

KOF OST that came with KOF 13 (never used) - 10 dollars shipped

Lastly, I have two DB 25 male & female connector sets. They were made by mr. mortified for some project boxes that i was thinking about making but i’ve decided on another route. Each set has 16 lines. Button wires are 12 inches long, stranded core and the PCB wires are solid core.
6 dollars a set shipped or 13 dollars for two sets shipped


What no ls40 for me to buy back after you bought it back? :smiley:


i have plans for it…lol…


do you still have the stock sanwa parts?
Im interested if you do-
I actually only need one Stick (jlf knockoff) and 8 of the 30mm buttons (any color)

Would you being will to part those out to me-
also would you have 2 24mm buttons that you could sell as well?

I can send payment immediatly


sorry. Se grab grab has been bought and shipped.


Hori Ex controller has been paid for and shipped.


price drops…


well, gots to drop the price again…


price drop before i forget


you know, if you go with fedex for that mk stick, it shouldn’t cost you more than $20-25 to ship


from canada to us?


Ha, sorry! Didn’t realize that…


got some free stuff…


Hey Chuu, how much would it be to ship those posters?


I think it’ll be around 8 bucks but ill find out.


First poster has been claimed by yesmaster.


poster are available to canadians for 15 dollars shipped because Canada Post jacked up the mailing costs…also, added parts I would like to buy or trade for.


still looking to buy or trade for the items i’m looking for.