FS - Xbox/PS2 Cases & Games


So I’m selling

Final Fantasy VIII (Complete) PS $17 Shipped
N64 RF Switch - $5 shipped
Genesis RF switch $5 shipped
Xbox/PS2 Cases $1 each shipped (Money Order Only)
CD cases $1.50 shipped each
EGM & Gamepro Mags $3.75 Each + Shipping (Money Order Only)

Game Boy/Game Boy Color

Buzz Lightyear - $5 shipped
Toy Story - $5 shipped
Toy Story 2 - $5 shipped
Galaga - $5 shipped
Harry Potter - $5 shipped
Toobin - $5 shipped

I’m looking for

Guilty Gear Series on the PS2

If you want Pics…Here







this guy is selling one for ps for 30 dlls.


I dont think he is selling the whole joystick, its just the ps 1 PCB and the buttons and the stick, (japanese) and i think he has to get his own box, anyways here is his quote:

Pre wired PS1 pcb with 6 japanese buttons, start and select, and japanese stick, comes already assembled in wood box and eveything is wired up and works, ready for your custom box!!



Thanks for the help…

Added SNES Champ Joystick


You said it’s not in the box, and then you quote him saying it’s in a box :razz:


then why he said: “ready for your custom box!!!”


the buyer might not be happy with the wooden box, so they can detach the pcb and buttons for another box.


cuz you probably dont want to use the box it comes in.


I can wire a SNES pad for you. If you cant find the Joystick you want.


If I can’t find one, I’ll PM you


Ooh, ok then, thanks for the correction. :lol::lol:


I have that C & L stick, but I need a good offer.


my stick is playable but you would probably eventually wanna swap it out for a more sturdy box, but if you dont mind what kinda stick it is this one would probably suit you just fine.

plus its only 30 bucks.


Big want on a PS Stick


Added a PS2 Saturn Controller


still looking


Bump, added a T5 Stick


added some stuff


Added a Genesis RF switch


added 2 wants