FS: xbox street fighter AE 6 button controller

hey guys, i kinda screwed up here. i bought a bunch of the 6 button street fighter controllers to do some pad-hacks with and accidently bought xbox pads instead of ps2 pads. i’m just looking to break even on these, so looking $20 shipped each. i’ve got three all told, if you want all 3 i’ll let them go for $50 shipped. these are brand new in the holographic boxes, never been opened. i can take pics if you want them, heres a basic link to what i’m talking about.


i’m only going to bump this just this one time, cause i hate when people constantly bump sales topics. anybody want to make an offer on these? i know xbox pads aren’t exactly in high demand, but these would be great for someone looking to make a custom arcade stick or who wants to wire up a modded xbox to an arcade cabinet. the pcbs are real simple and have nice little pads on the traces so it’s real easy to solder to them. below is a pic of the ps2 version pcb (with labels!) if anybody is interested. i need these gone bad, seeing as i dont even own an xbox.