FS: XCM Crossbattle adapter for PS3

Hello folks up for sale is a XCM Crossbattle adapter for a PS3 which lets you use an XBOX 360 controller on your PS3. Pretty much self explanatory as to what it does :bgrin:


$30 shipped to cont. US

I have perfect heatware of 34-0

I accept paypal, check or money order :slight_smile:

does this have lag? let me know, thanks.

If you’re asking about with a fight stick, I haven’t been able to test it with my stick because for some reason my modded arcade stick wont work with it. (I have a custom street fighter 4 stick built with seimitsu parts). But it works great with the standard XBOX 360 controller and is worlds better than the PS3 controller for 1st person shooters and other games. There isn’t any lag at all that I’ve noticed. Appraently after some looking it wont work with seimitsu modded sticks (dunno why) but if you have sanwa parts it should work.

Heard with shooters it’s fine but with fighting games it will drop an input randomly. There was a thread about the adapter in tech talk, you could try searching for details/see if the issue was fixed.

CraptacularOne: thanks for the details on that because my 360 stick is full seimitsu and i wanted to use it for ps3. free bump.

i dont get it how it doesnt work with “seimitsu” modded sticks and works for “sanwa”.
they are just brands with the same concept of capacitors so confused how one works and not the other.
can anyone enlighten me?

No problem I’m not trying to hide anything. Hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Im not sure. It probably has something to do with how the box converts the signal to the PS3. I found a post about someone else having the same issue as me. The buttons work but the joystick is nonresponsive. The person also had a seimitsu stick, so I dunno.

My guess is that it works fine for a 360 controller, and not so much for a stick. The PCB inside the stick would matter more than the components. I’m sure it would work well for FPS like he mentioned. The price is right. These are very expensive.

most likely because your stick is using a madcatz pcb not an official microsoft one. That sucks. Remember this isnt confirmed by my in any way but its probably that.

Well I did get a chance to try it with a friends stock MadCatz stick and it does indeed work. There is a very slight input delay. Strange that there is no delay with the standard XBOX controller.

Anyway, it’s still up for sale and price reduced to $25 shipped

if it’s still available for 25 i’ll buy it

btw i grew up in ft lauderdale and pompano.

Sold Thanks for the space :tup: