FS: XFPS 360 and spare Xbox 360 wired controller


Got these in May. Only used them long enough to answer peoples’ questions in another thread (only used them 2 or 3 times). The wired controller still has the original twist-tie still wrapped around the wires. I got myself a modded DOA stick so I really have no use for these. I’ll sell the XFPS for $60 and the wired controller for $30 (a new XFPS 360 costs $80 + shipping + tax and a new controller usually costs around $40). Shipping is $5 each if you only get one of them or $6 if you get both. I’ll provide delivery confirmation/tracking. PayPal is good for me. I might accept cash if you happen to live around Monterey or San Jose. PM me if you’re interested!


I guess I’ll do one bump before I send it off to eBay. You guys have until Friday I guess…