FS3 on PC problems

I already posted my problem on the other PS3 controller topic, but no one has replied, so I decided to make a new thread. I got my FS3 today. I plugged it in, windows XP recgonised it straght away. It installed the stick automatically. It even appears in Control panel> game controllers. The thing is that it doesn’t recgonise one thing, button or stick movements. I downloded all the drivers I could find, followed the guide(for the ps3sixaxis_en thingy) and still nothing. I would appreciate id someone could help me out! :sweat:





There is no solution


try the six axis driver posted in the link above.

I’m in the same boat, It recognizes it, Doesn’t work with either driver choice though

my advice:

return your FS3 and get a VF5 stick for 360…

works right out hte box. and if it doesnt, it has official microsoft drivers…