FS3 or madcatz SFIV FS?

Hey can someone help me! I’m thinking of buying another stick. I’m using standard mayflash right now. I dont really have any with moddig sticks so I dont know how to mod it and I think having 2 sticks is good beacuse if the other breaks up, you can use the other one.

I dont want to put too much money on it, so I thought that the stick would either be hori fight stick 3 or SFIV fight stick. Wich one do you think is the better overall stick?

The SE Fightstick, then mod it with Sanwa parts as its idiot proof to mod. All cables to buttons are quick disconnects so its just a case of removing them, taking out the button, putting a new one in and re-attaching them. Would probably put a JLF joystick in there as well since the stock one has a reputation of damaging its own PCB.

If you really, “really” dont want to put money into it, just buy a FS3.

i say go for the mod. whats the point of having 2 mediocre sticks when you could have one great one?

+1 for the mod is dead simple and it yeilds that much more!

out the box fs3 will work okay

Out of the box, FS3 is a far superior arcade stick than the Madcatz SE. However, Madcatz SE is extremely easy to mod even for those who have absolutely no “moding skills”.

So, if you’re not planning on modding it. go for a FS3. If you do plan to mod it (in a close future), Madcatz SE is your most suitable choice.