FS3 vs HRAP3

So I modded my first stick a few weeks ago, which was a full Sanwa conversion of the Fight Stick 3, JLF + buttons. So much desoldering, soldering, and so much dremelling.

I modded my second stick this week, which was Sanwa buttons in a HRAP3. It was almost too easy… just swapping out quick disconnects. I think I discovered that the fun is in the work.

Now that I have both, I’m having a hard time deciding which I prefer as my main. I like the stability of the HRAP, but depending on the surface it is on, it is almost too tall.

Anyone have both, who can chime in on which they prefer (assuming all the Hori parts are gone)

I wish the button layout was the same, so I wouldn’t forget to change the config and end up in a network battle with the wrong config in SF4

I switched out all my buttons in the HRAP3 with sanwas and love it. I had the fightstick before but the weight of the stick was what made me go for the HRAP3. Overall I believe the weight and the size of it make the HRAP3 the way to go for me. Plus I feel that it can take more of a beating when I let others play with it.

I like the HRAP3 more, just the size feels easier to play on, and I don’t think its that tall. FS3 is too small and I feel little cramped playing on it.

Never played with a HRAP3 so wouldn’t be able to compare with an FS3, but I have an FS3 with Sanwa parts and I have no probs with it being cramped or anything. Some like wider bases, others like smaller bases. It’s up to personal preference.

I prefer the HRAP3 because the base is bigger. On the smaller based HFS3, my wrist tends to slide off the sides when sometimes things get kinda exciting.

Haha. I’ve grown accustom to the small base even when things get overly exciting. Can’t wait to receive my SE FightStick to see what that’s all about; think it has slightly more wrist room.

I have a modded T5 stick and a modded FS3 so basically the same thing. I prefer big bases, but there is nothing wrong with the size of the fs3. I use both mainly in my lap so i dont really have any problems. Only time my hands come off is when im trying to mash to escape a throw.
Overall i give them the same score, just comes down to what feels more comfortable.

JMro- Why didnt you remap the buttons on the fs3 so you dont have that problem.

i <3 my hrap3. i want another one.

Me too, when will they be instock again ;_;

i bought an FS3 for a pc (3rd strike on 2df) but it didn’t work…

bought a ps3 for SFIV and thought … oh shit i got that FS3 lieing around somewhere… got it out…after 3 ours i was a stick user and never wanted pad again… that’s 15 years of joypad forgotton in 3 hours.

…sorry i can’t compare the FS3 with any other stick, but the FS3 is amazing in my uneducated opinion… no size problems, weight problems…sits fine on my lap no probs atall.

^ Just to point out, HRAP 3 is ready for use on PC out of the box.

So if that’s one of your deciding factors, the choice is easy.

REgarding feel, I personally prefer HRAP3 in terms of base and size myself. Seems more stable too.


The HRAP3 is too tall and too bulky. I could never play it on my desk, or even in front of my computer. I guess my tall desk is partly to blame.
It’s hella sweet in front of the TV though, but there it stays put, as do I when I’ve put it in my lap.

The FS3 is small and light and fits nicely on my desk, where it see by far more action then the HRAP3 does.

My FS3 is modded a shooter stick, while my HRAP3 is (naturally) a fighter stick.

It’s only like 1cm additional space to rest the button hand on. The rest is pretty much superfluous.

I use my FS3 for GGPO just fine 0_o

Oh ya, almost forgot.

So I own a FS3 and I have a friend who has a HRAP3 that I use sometimes. Both are stock parts. Comparing both right out of the box I’d say the HRAP is better simply because the FS3 stick is kinda bad. Usable, but bad. I don’t have a problem with the layout at all. Though when I mod my FS3 I think I’m going to re-arrange the buttons so that I don’t need to remap them.

Well… you can always sell me the one that isn’t your primary. :slight_smile:

Yeah I probably should have. I didn’t realize I’d want to at the time. At this point I think my wires are too short.

m I prefer my hrap3 because it is more expensive lol … so i feel its better mentally