FSAK and GU Framingham MA Presents SSF4 singles 9-10

1 CP Winnings:
2 Lucky D Winnings:
3 DMG Gridman Winnings:
4 KDZ Winnings:
5 Asian Tom
5 DMG weaksauce
7 SuperJ
7 OverClocked
9 Jimca
9 Mr. Dash
9 Blue9
13 Richarded
13 Essex
13 CMX
13 Tuan
17 Vigil
17 SU
17 Will F.
17 Riceman
17 Hayato
17 Eighty
17 Merkilo
17 Kevin
25 Vai
25 Fade Dash
25 visi
25 zoob
25 Marc R.
25 Glock

brackets got a little messed up, tell me if your missing.
Quick post Ill post more late
CP and I split, cept for $50 (which is how it should be :D) He won GF 3-1 1st set
thx everyone for coming out, including KDZ its always a blast dude
thx for MA east and west showing up, good job today

Ill say more later, but thanks everyone enjoy Soul calibur for the rest of the time!


CP is the real life ken, damn what a beast.
and Luckyd secretly wishes he was indian. :tup:

Shoutouts to Rich for not beating the shit out of me after our match

That really wasn’t supposed to be a jab at you or anything, just commenting on how sf4 likes to do what it wants sometimes

Other than that had a great time last night, drummania was awesome :tup:

gg’s to everyone i played. had a good time. see everyone at souper bowl!

top 4 got money?

nah just top 3, no idea how or why that happened.
tonamento is down, had to use tio…damn tonamento just makes things easier…

Good times. Got smoked. I got 20 years to catch up. Time to hit up the hyperbolic time chamber.

Good shit, CP! Dan too. Second place, you’re movin’ on up! I’m surprised Mr. Dash placed higher than a lot of people. Nice job.

CP beasted last night. GGs to everyone I played in tournament and casuals.

I need solidarity.

Good shit to Jaxel for streaming, you posting them onyoutube?

bijirurante san isu 2 guuuuuutsu!

good shit everyone…really fun weekend at GU! it’s like the blood sport/ Ironman of fighting games. players from Europe?! Yeah we got those.

darn. yo guys are eastern mass?

saltiest guy in the world right now.

LuckyD, remember my 5% …

ggs, fun tourney and gs to jaxal for streaming

btw GU was pretty damn crowded hope that SC weekend event went well


Shoryuken - Full Speed Aerial Kicks - (Framingham, MA)