FSE ONLY resets/Juggles

Whats up all. First and foremost these are all “styling” things that I’ve found. I have not adopted any of these into my gameplay because some of them are risky and not really practical. Most are purely situational but if something jumps out at you, let me know. I tried making a video on these, however I think the time and energy spent on that would be better suited trying other things. If someone would like me to take the gems and make a video on it, i’d be more than glad to do so.

Second, If this is common knowledge, let me know. Ha. I found a few of these when playing in trial mode. I said “Why can i hit a s.fierce at the end of a ex.sempusha here, but never anywhere else?” The key factor? FSE

Corner launcher combo: After ex.sempusha in the corner > sc.hp xx ex.fuhajin
*This takes strict timing on the link, doesn’t seem to work with sc.hp xx ex.sempusha. Maybe it does, but the timing is weird due to the height. You get only 1 hit off the fuhajin. Doesn’t seem to work with regular fuhajin.

Corner reset: After ex.sempusha you can link a sc.mp for a reset. You cannot walk forward under the person as the recovery on the sc.mp is too much. You can however sc.mp xx lk fuhajin. I dont know how much of a benefit there is over a dash under (in which you can vary the timing to fake a dash under).

Wall Bounce reset: Ex Shikusen > FSE activate > sc.mp = Reset. You cant dash under, but you could dash up for a back throw. This also means you can set up some resets off of a j.strong x 2 xx ex. shikusen > sc.mp. If you can score a UTKD after this reset you’ve earned close to 400 damage and more pressure.

Double Launcher: In the corner its possible to hit sc.fierce x2 after a j.mp. I dont know how useful this is, but very possible.

Shikusen: After a shikusen you can sc.mp to reset the opponent. You can also Shikusen > sc.fierce. This will launch your opponent. You cannot cancel to super after the launcher. You can however (like the sempushu > sc.fierce) ex.fuhajin off it. This isn’t bad. I tested on ryu only but this caused him to fly across the screen.

Furthermore, you can pull off a j.strong > j.strong xx shikusen >sc.hp xx ex.fuhajin. Or you can use a sc.strong to reset the opponent. no dash under however.

Fuhajin Juggle: In a corner you can Fuhajin (mk or hk release), juggle the opponent in the air and use normals to reset. As with non-fse activation you can use things like ex.sempusha or ex.fuhajin to add damage. Now this is where it gets weird. You CAN do ex.Fuhajin on a juggle to reset with a normal (sc.strong, far forward, etc etc), however if both fuhajin hits, you cannot reset. You can however, use ANOTHER ex.fuhajin to juggle and get both hits if 1 of the first ex fuhajin hits.

This might be a component of the juggle system I dont get. Furthermore, on a side note…why am I not allwed to j.strong after a juggle fuhajin? Just seems weird. Also, why am I able to use ex.pinwheel sometimes and not others?

I digress.

These are just some of the things I’ve found with the resets. Would I use them in a match? Some. All? Nope. I take the damage that I can get, but I’m sure some of you better players may find some gems in here. At least something to gnaw on.

For one…this showed me how OP juri could have been if capcom let her do half the things I tried.

Cool stuff. I’ve been using st.mp to reset for a while(both far and close work), it’s pretty handy in the corner. Seems like the only normals given special juggle properties are close FP/MP, and far MP(far MK works too?). Using those normals after previously doing something like cs.fp xx ex pinwheel doesn’t seem to work at all(even if just the tip of her foot hits a jumping opponent), though they do hit from sc.fp > sc.fp/mp/f.mp and ex pinwheel comboed into through just about any other means(not ex fuhajin IIRC).

Edit: Woah, far MK does work. Far FP also works, just starts up slowly; landed it midscreen off of close FP on an airborne opponent.

I dont see a point to this thread,we got the juri combo thread,this isnt needed.

The point is that this isn’t about combos. There have been a few threads on resets, and none have addressed this because it doesn’t fall into the category of resets or fse. I mean…they could…But I think its an important part of juri’s offense that deserves individual discussion.

Resets can be pretty weird to use, i sometimes eat a reversal shoru when i use a sekku in my FSE combo so leaving gaps of any kind can be a tad risky but it still catchs out people who shit in their pants when they havnt had a chance to attack for the past few seconds of game time.

I saw in the option-select juri tutorial the dude using a far sc.mk to fuhajin leg raise after a corner ex-pinwheel reset to score a kd + FSE fireball combo on wakeup so in that respect its pretty clever in the sence that you are already investing in your potential next corner combo, and we all know how much damage a stored fireball can lead to in the corner.

pinwheel FADCs i suppose are fairly obvious choices, i know that HK pinwheel > FADC > sc.lk continues the combo albeit the timing is mad tight you can then reset with a sekku if your lucky.

You can opt to end a combo on a fuhajin leg raise which scores a techable knockdown and chuck the fireball in hopes that they tech the leg raise then use the block/hit stun on the fireball to zone in and start a new combo, its still pretty dodgy due to the distance you have to cover with juris shitty walk speed.

They’re not weird at all. They’re risks. But the upside to it is a LOT of damage. The amount of damage off of a reset with abel, or akuma is insane. Juri can reset but without FSE its usually off j.mp or something which doesn’t earn a lot of damage. Now, once FSE is on, you can do some interesting things as you can wrack some damage up on a full combo and THEN reset.

Pretty much, FSE is weird in that in a long string the amount of time Sekku comes out seems to increase due to the recovery on the harder attacks. Thats why I like to stop it at 2 light attacks, 1 medium. Comes out fast enough to catch them off guard.

People forget that stored fireballs + FSE is pretty sick because of the mix up involved. If someone is mashing you can combo from the fireball on wake up and continue some pressure. It hides you’re weakest points and covers holes in your strings.

You can fadc out of any pinwheel with sc.lk. The pinwheel forces a rise and you can go into a standing jab after the sc.short. It is tight, however most people will let go of their attack after the pinwheel anyway

you’re last point actually, is something i’ve been playing around with. J.mp > short fuhajin store + immediate release causes an automatic meaty attack. Its something I wanna play with. Also, something I do with ryu is that I’ll use the fireball to bait and force a reversal. Ryu’s reversals (as good as DP is) is really bad in the corner vs Juri. The reason being is that she has a lot of frame advantage to just walk forward and bait a DP. Ryu is forced to block the initial fuhajin or else eat full punish or worse…ultra. You can also hit confirm the fireball into a c.forward.