FSS: 8 Blue Sanwa OBSF-30

For Sale Soon

Hello guys ill be doing a mod soon and ill prolly be getting rid of these buttons they come right off a HRAP 2:SA very lightly used the buttons are practically new. Im also looking to sell all of them at the same time unless i have seperate orders that will take all of them away. Basically selling

8 Sanwa OBSF

Cost for all $20.00 plus shipping anywhere in the US.

Im prolly a lil early for this but i just want to get these buttons reserved so when im done with my mod (middle of july) theyll just be off my hands. Plus perfect for anyone getting a HRAP AV ( those come with hori buttons) this month. Let me know. PM me or send email sysnom@gmail.com

PayPal only

post some pictures up soon and i might think about it

well the other 6 are still in the stick (not being used until my mod) i keep them in there so i wont loose them nor get confused on the wiring when i get my new buttons but the other 2 that are out are the same quality would you like me to take pics of those? or those and the stick? Just let me know and ill get you some pictures. also tell me a good site to host pictures its been awhile.


Pics sent if anyone needs pics PM me.

Bump 20$+shipping

Oh, you’re modding the HRAP2:SA? Are you keeping the start/select buttons? I hear those are K/DH OBSF-24s. Any chance you want to sell those?

i must keep my start and select buttons butyes its just the OBSF 30 mm blue face buttons