FT - 6 Sanwa Snap In's & Balltop


They came from my VSHG

but i dont really want/like that color
theyre still brand new, only been used a few times,

so ill trade for another 6** sanwa** snap in’s with matching balltop, pref still new. dif color maybe blue, yellow, or idk. lemme know what you got

color:dark hai


what about pink? :slight_smile:


nah i got alot of pink seimitsu’s :sweat:


hmmmm i think i got blue, could you hold it and i can check tomorrow? im not home atm


yeah, ill hold till monday when i can ship out

if anything i might just buy em from you
but lemme know :smiley:


Alright. I’m like 80% positive i have a set of blues with a ball top but i want to double check it when i get back home tomorrow. Also id really like the colors of the ones you have right here :slight_smile: So trade would be great.


sweet man lemme know

new’ish i hope?


more like new o_O



Trade pending with urth


I have white and red here. If things with urth don’t go, let me know. I really like that color! The ball-top is translucent, right?


the VSHG uses real sanwas OSBN-30s? didnt know that


i’d like to buy them. i have a hrap3 that would like those color buttons :).


No its solid Grey

OSBF’s no nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

i prefer to trade em sorry buddy :sweat:


u find out if they fit yet? :X


my friend has my set of Screw in’s :[

i have to go get em and make sure they fit

is the screw the same size? you mentioned it was seimitsu


no no they are 30mm sanwas, the nuts are seimitsu but fit right on the sanwa buttons. If the sanwa nuts from your friends fit in, then most likely the seimitsu nuts will fit also since they are smaller than the sanwa’s


you could have gotten them sunnnnnnnnnday dood!

i remember hearing (maybe from per) that seimitsu and sanwa screws are interchangable


trade made with urth,
pending shipment on both ends

thanks urth :tup: