FT: Beatmania PS2 mint


Strictly for trade.

my neo-geo.com feedback: http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/itrader.php?u=10285

Used literally once. comes with everything in the pic (box, turntable style controller, and game)


Here’s what i’ll take for a trade for it:

—> :smiley: Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter :smiley: <----




I would trade it but I already have 2 IIDX controls.


care to just sell me the Wi-fi adapter? PM me with a price.

also BUMP.


:wonder: so how about a trade?






Sorry dude no can do. If u where u I would sell ur item @ Bemanistyle


Yo, I have the Nintendo USB Wifi thingy. I’m in Vancouver tho, if your WA is Washington State then we could work something out.


i’ll get back to you in the next few days. I might have a trade already lined up. If it falls through, expect a PM. :smile:


Np, just keep me posted.


kyoji :O, hit me up once you get beatmania :3.


Any word on the trade? :looney:


Testing to see if this deal is alive. :looney:


oh sorry. PM = king. I rarely check the selling forum on SRK. The 1st person in line is going to get back to me in the next upcoming week. I will let you konw once I get word.



That’s good to hear. :tup:


Ok did this die out or what? =x


Are these in demand or something? Local Target has two sealed for $30, I’ve been debating picking one up. Never played Beatmania, but know I like rythm games.


O word? i should go check out the Target near me. Been wanting to get one, but didnt want to pay that much. $30 seems like a good deal though.


Not really, I just want to dump the Nintendo USB thingy. :looney: