FT: HRAP 2 SA for a custom stick


I’m in canada but have a pretty much brand new (just took out of box 1), Hrap 2 SA for trade for a custom arcade stick. The HRAP 2 SA has all sanwa parts. I’m looking for a custom stick (preferably with street fighter 2 art) wired for a psx or ps2 system. Reason i’m trading is because I prefer to have art on my stick and I wouldn’t know how to put one on a hrap lol.

Contact me if interested. Cheers!

Art on that stick is insanely easy. Just pop out the quick disconnects and stick, print something you want from a kinko’s or some place similar, and mount. I’d trade but I only have hraps. :lol:

Hey man! :smile:

I posted a response in your previous thread, but the thread was sort dying out at the time so I’m guessing you didn’t see it. (Or maybe you weren’t interested, haha.)

If I paid for the shipping, would you be interested in trading your HRAP2SA control panel for a bare metal one?

The layout is exactly the same, it’s from a HRAP3: it’s an identical metal plate without the thin layer of glossy plastic fused to the top. You’d be better off putting art onto the bare metal one because then the surface would sit flush in the plastic case, rather than sticking up over the top. I thiiink most glue and laminate would probably hold better as well.

Ok, close the thread mods. I will try and put art on it lol. And deadfrog, I’ll get back to you once I figure out a print shop around here. Cheers and thanks, mcginnis!!

Anytime, just seemed like a waste if all you wanted was artwork. If you need a template let me know since I have one for the hrap2 that I’ve always used. You just have to cut out the circles after mounting it with an exacto knife or something just as sharp.