FT: HRAP3. Looking for modded sfac

Hey, I’ve got a HRAP3 for trade. I prefer American style. So looking for a HAPP style joystick. Modded SFAC or MAS. Let me know if this is a fair trade. PS2 compatible.
Traders take care of their own shipping??

Let me know. Throwing this out there. HRAP3 is just sitting in my computer room. Traded to V4mpiro

I also have:

2 SIxaxis controllers

1 saturn controller with a dreamcast adapter. (Might have two have to look)

One Akuma controller for trade.

Thanks for looking!

I have a SFA stick and a brand new mas mini.
p.m. sent

Sorry new to this forum. How do you post pics on this. Do I need to throw an image up on the web somewhere to link to it??



you can always edit your first post.

What is the condition of the SFAC? The HRAP is pretty much mint. Some fingerprints. Used it maybe once and my little nephew used it once.

Also your mas is PS2? How do you like it? Do the buttons feel too close to the joystick?

I use to like my SFAC, a lot, and 4 the Mas is pretty much new cause I only used like two times, I prefer Japanese sticks