Ft. Lauderdale Thread - "Kelso u make vega sad, what an ugly rose." - dreadz

** Ft. Lauderdale

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The Spot:
Zero Ping LAN Center

5400 SW 44th Terrace
Davie, Florida 33314
Google Maps
Door fee: $3.00

Videos of Ranbats Past:
YouTube - IchinShek’s Channel
YouTube - benskicuz’s Channel
YouTube - Beastcoast’s Channel
YouTube - zeromage429’s Channel


From what Ive seen and they told me who their mains:

Mav -Bison
hotashi - makoto/honda
Eish - Ibuki/chun/sakura
Benski -blanka/rufus/abel
darkhokage - makoto/viper
Jo - makoto/rufus
victor - guy/ryu
dnyc3 - balrog/dudley
lubuki - ibuki
JC - cody/akuma
lilman - rryu/feilong/hakkan
icekid - thawk
cyrax - dudley
cubanned - ibuki/Akuma
wombatcombat - cody
hunter - cody
conan - cody/viper/hakkan
sljj - Balrog
Ssj2jeff - Rose/dudley
vigilante - Honda/vega/hakkan
dreadz - guy/vega
alfred - guy
Phil & his bro - juri
Ian - gouken
Angryman - gouken/deejay
kelso - adon
sinister - dudley
Deaded by panda - blanka
Wzack -ken
ice0berg - sagat/juri
KCmasterpiece - viper/adon/juri
cizzle - bison/chun
jimmy - chun

If you changed your mind or I didnt mention you, post up

makoto is godlike…might consider dropping viper… i doubt it though

glitch where have you been? hows life?

Woohoo, first page. : )

Damn are you guys gonna be playing all week at zp? I need to get out there on an off day.

Yeh Danny well I’m pretty sure plp will be there wed and Friday. There’s always a modded xbox there. So if u come and noones there just practice. Well usually we post when we are gonna come thru.

when do u guys have your sessions

Monday wednesday Friday. Since ssf4 is out plp will usually be there everyday.

**updated sfl character list.

**[COLOR=Black]We have like 4 setup plus phil’s last for the past days…If you got a box done bring it.

@arturo or whoever is interested…the mayweather vs mosley is may 1st lets get this going. Thats gonna be one of the best matches this year, well right below pacquiao of course.

Ben, throw me in as Ibuki / Akuma

^ fixed

here it is guys, MVC3 http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/apr/20/its-official-marvel-vs-capcom-3-trailer/

Forget SSF4, Eish Where is my Korean BBQ!!!

@Ben I am down for saturday night fights.

Ill def be at ZP tonight to make more people cry about THawk=p.
If enough people show let’s do a 2v2 tourny woooo

so Ben put me as rufus/juri.

Didnt know if it was stated but people going to ZP tonight to play or thats for tomorrow?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/Freeman-Zero/mvsc3art.jpg art for it, tvc plp are making…plp are already speculating the shadows lol.

my opinion–to the left of iron man deadpool w/ the katanas, to his right u see captain america. right above deadpool i think is mystique, thts like her usual pose in the comics.next to pool is chun with her hair buns… to the left of morrigan look like a megaman character no clue. right at the bottom plp saying ghost rider but i think its def dormamu cuz i dnt see any chains. I dnt know if they would put karas again lol, the right of redfield.

@chad: sure.

Yo Ben- T. Hawk player over here. Maybe Ryu again.

Iceberg ill be there with my 360 @ 630

Whoever it was that asked about getting a copy for Super: Come with your Xbox today n get the upgrade + game for 40$. Its worth it:tup: Plus, it’ll help the rest of us since I’m not sure i’ll be at ZP every god damn day this week lol

So… Bring your sticks people, I hate sitting around waiting for a turn when we have more Xboxes open than controllers. It’s retard.

im Vega/Guy

I got you.^

Makoto/Honda… maybe I can learn a conventional character now. : )