Ft. Lauderdale Thread - The land of Taskmaster n Sentinel = SMH

**Ft. Lauderdale **

The Spot:
Zero Ping LAN Center

5400 SW 44th Terrace
Davie, Florida 33314
Google Maps
Door fee: $3.00

Videos of Ranbats Past:
YouTube - Option Select’s Channel
YouTube - eiSH’s Channel
YouTube - Benski’s Channel
YouTube - D’Nyc3’s Channel
YouTube - zeromage429’s Channel

-One Piece is coming back from its 5 week hiatus, KBBQ time post if your interested or contact eiSH.
-So Conan, Benski and eiSH finally set up a streaming rig to stream and capture off of one computer. The quality is pretty sweet, and the added BenskeiSH touch to the layout and overlays are too good :tup:


-Vigilante GOT A JOB!! :encore: But now he’s gone.
-Red Sonja, we miss you

SFL Character List


::In Order of Attendance::

Kelso: Adon / Seth
Benski: El fuerte / Blanka / Dhalsim / Zangief
Dark Hokage: C.Viper / Makoto
S1JJ: Balrog
eiSH: Cammy / Juri / Sakura / Chun-Li / Ibuki / Seth / Dan / Rolento / Q / Elena
Ryan Hunter: Cody
SighrAx: Dudley / T.Hawk
Luis the Panda: Ibuki
Dreadz: Guy / Vega
Jamrawk: Dudley
Flash Metroid: C.Viper / Makoto
JC: Akuma
Conan: C.Viper / Hakan
Lilman: Ryu / Fei Long / Gouken / Hakan
SSJ2Jeff: Rose / Balrog
Czizzle: M.Bison / Chun Li
Jimiisama: Chun Li
Ray Money: Balrog
KC Masterpiece: C.Viper
D’Nyc3: Guy / Akuma / Balrog
Mr. Sinister: Dudley / Deejay
GualaBaby6: Guile
Fight Club: M.Bison
Combat Wombat: Cody
WZack: Ken
Mavrick: M.Bison / Deejay
Deathwish: Chun Li
Artryu: Cody / E.Honda
Deaded by Panda: Blanka
Ice0berg: Rufus
Alex Garvin: Sagat
Gibson: Gen / Rose
Angryman: Gouken / Deejay
Hyperblast: Zangief / Seth

Let me know if any of these are wrong or if I forgot to add you >.>


We decided to go and watch vaughn cut out the holes for the stick art i’ve made him at kinkos all the way till midnight. Then Ihop.

Zp moments.

[media=youtube]hv49k8aihiY"[/media] SSj2jeff(rose) vs Luis(ibuki)

[media=youtube]AZGmZTmA004"[/media] We dared vaughn he cant put his feet on peters shoulders.

i like the idea of having the news on the front page. you should post the thread for the tourneys too.

thats been there forever, eiSH always puts new stuff…No one goes to the front page anymore.

You should put dates on the news, so people won’t read it a month from now and be confused.

Posting because i can. Ben, wheres my AV? its been like forever. Hook me up.

ordered this bad boy a couple months ago and its finally finished… i just have to get the tv and xbox… cant wait to play on this!!!


That 5% play street fighter part is sad.

Also, Dark that looks pretty awesome!

It’s more like 5% actually enjoy playing the game.

Won’t be able to go to ZP tomorrow. Just found out I have class Saturday, and I didn’t do any of the work. GGME

Really eish? Just leave early f a g >_<

@steven - yea, ill get around to it when I get out of class.

@vaughn - sure you bought tht vaughn lol.
I got ur txt btw. D/l the template from tek innov then just open it on photoshop. From There just work onlayers above it.

-This fuckin sucks, using an intergrated vid card on a 45 inch hd tv as a monitor really fucks the resolution up…No photoshop anytime soon cuz I can’t even tell if im looking at the right dimensions.

ZP will be too quiet.

BENSKI, you looking to buy a videocard or just borrow one? :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like EVGA is gonna send me one for warranty, so atm just borrow one to play something on it :slight_smile: I just dont know when they gonna send it to me. PCI slot. I need ont atm to just raid, but if you have something affordable for me to just buy ill check it out. Im saving still to get my new powerhouse comp next month.

So who is showing up tonight?!

From experience, EVGA and other reputable companies send their warranty issued cards out pretty fast, id say within a week if you have already done the paperwork. I wouldn’t be surprised if they send you an upgrade. How old was your card that died?

Slacking on my doing my ZG runs -_- missed out 2 chances to get my raptor and tiger =(

We are leveling to 85 first and then transferring? I might just make an alt on emerald dream to lvl for the time being =/ either Lock/Hunter don’t, haven’t looked into hunter changes for cata that extensiv.

Kelso, what do you plan on lvling?

nah xferin next week, when f a g jeff hits 80 with his pally. Lets get it out the way so its a smooth sailing to 85 when it drops…kelso is a rogue.

evga told me same spec or a slight upgrade so thank you lord.


lvling a rogue son, in there with dem poisanssss… hit 14 in 4 days! YEAHHH!!

@ Eish: tonight will be a sad night for all of us…

14 in 4 days? With a Recruit a Friend boost? :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL, I dont think im on the same levels as ben with leveling, but you arent ready to level with me if you can only get to 14 in 4 days. =P

Im deciding on a hunter. I need to decide on whether its going to be with BoA gear or just level cold turkey.

ugh…I just thought about how lame random dungeon queues are going to be if we dont have a healer or tank =/

yea i think me and ben hit like 22 in one night with just heirlooms.

Generally these companies will be glad to help out their customers. I’ve had a couple HDD failures as well as external HDD, video cards… Just called them even if it was out of warranty and they were like “Let me see what I can do for you anyway.” You have to call the manufacturer and not the store (like Dell) and more than likely they’ll help you out.

On another note, I’m coming to ZP tonight with recording PMP gear. Just need 2 more chapters to read and a small paper that I can put together with ease. See you guys there =)

I got an old radeon x1900 that used to be top of the line, i’ll give it to you if you want it, can still play alot of games out there