Ft. Myers Lehigh Naples Area players

Listen I know there is a slim chance of any players in the South West but if you play and wanna hook up post here or PM me your number.

Bob Smack: let this thread go man, I have been here for 3 years and still no comp, one person posted up the other day randomly but you killed the thread 5 hrs after it was started, I sent a PM but they dont check thier PMs, maybe they will see this. I dont know, but just give me a lil lee way here. Maybe some other ppl will see this too. See ya at FRX!!:rofl: :rofl:

Yo im in lehigh/fort myers , im looking for some competition man…holler at me. 239-303-7392 capcom i only play cvs2, others: sc2, doa3, been looking for sum challenge man

sigh OK, even though you broke my dreamcast…(just kidding man :wgrin: )

OK this thread is done. Thanks Bob you can feel free to close it at anytime you want.

Thanks again bro!!:wgrin: :wgrin:

youssssssss aloneeeeee rickkkkk… :sad:


Done already? Seriously? I don’t care if it stays up - let’s see if it goes away on its own, if not you might get some hits.

That never works out. I treid that logic once and now the herpes has spread to my neck.

if you in lehigh holler at rick he got mad skills, he made me feel like a noob

My parents stay in Lehigh, im in Orlando for school. Ill be in Lehigh in lke 2 weeks. Lets gets games in while im there.

ok pm me when you will get there or call me at 239-303-7392 and holler at rick to hes good

whats funny is that i called but i remembered" oh shoot i dont know his name". I left a message tho. Ill be back tho, I wonder if there is anyone in naples that plays? If they have any anime conventions around we might find some ppl.

I remember there were ppl that played some 3d fightering games pretty good, ill try to get ahold of some ppland see if thats still going on.

Well, thats 3 ppl so far. Its better than nothing. We can build up from this :slight_smile: