FT Sanwa GT-Y Octagon gate and Green Ball Top

As the title says, Sanwa GT-Y Octagon gate, it was only used in one KoF12 match on my Hori Ex 2, it already has the modded drill holes for a hori stick and is unharmed and will still work on any other stick. I also have a green ball top.

I am very open for any offers, I am only getting rid of it because I do not like the Octagon. I prefer circles greatly.

Feel free to PM your offers or if your interested or what not, and we can work something out.

You have to post prices, and you can’t sell because you haven’t been a member for 6 months = (. I do kinda want that octagonal gate tho!

Well I thought that since I couldn’t sell I could still trade it for something? That was my understanding of it.

If you actually read the rules, you’d have seen that you cannot SELL or TRADE.