FT Seimitsu Snap In's

I want to trade:

16x PS 14 G’s
all pink ^_~
2x PS 14 D’s (24mm)

Id like to trade 6 30mm for:
another 6 Sanwa Snap in’s (screw in is ok too i guess :confused: )

or any colors except: (white, blue, and dark hai)

for the other 6 id like also another set of 6 sanwa snap in’s

and the other 4 ill trade em for:
1 green, 1 blue, 1 red sanwa snap in’s and balltop

and for the 24mm trade for any 24mm Sanwa snap in.
id also like like the colors listed above

if any of this is unclear let me know
im really tired ;____;

Pm sent to the max.

traded 6 of mine of 6 of chippermonky’s

Set of 6, and Set of 4 left

bump D:

ultra bump

set of 6 and set of 4 left

last bump maybe T_T

Thanks shoo, I got my buttons. Good trade :).

absolute last bump