FT: SFAE Joystick with HAPP buttons/joystick for HRAP


It’s a longshot but I want to see if anyone would trade.

I’m looking for a HRAP1 or 2 if I have to. I would like to trade my SFAE: joystick with Happ buttons and Happ Competition joystick and the artwork has changed. I do have the original artwork if you want it…

I know its not really an even trade but I just wanna know if anyone would be interested.

Thanks for looking!

06-15-2007 Pics Added

Writing on the joystick is all of the Udon artists signing my stick…

another long shot, and perhaps an unfair trade but I can trade you an agetec stick for it. I can wire it up to ps2.


Bump! Id like to sell for 100 shipped but make an offer…

You slept!

You shoulda bought Ace’s! He just sold it locally for $90…

is the wiring for the buttons the same?

coz if so, button plugging the first two means no DC capability.

:frowning: Thanks mark for making me feel even worse :frowning: I was trying to buy it from him but he never got back to me.

What do you mean by the wiring? Its just button plugs, all of the wiring on the PCB is there, i just didnt connect them.

bump for a cool guy. someone help this guy out!