FT: Six Seimitsu Buttons & Balltop

Looking to trade 6 Seimitsu 30mm Snap-In Buttons (Red Plunger w/ Black Bezel) + Red Balltop for a set of Dark Kai Sanwa Buttons with matching colored balltop (Grey/Black). I’ll even throw in 2 yellow 20mm buttons from a Tekken 5 stick with HRAP .110 switches in them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One of the 6 buttons has a nick on the top as well has the plunger have the tabs broke off (it was from a test fitting). It works just as well as the other buttons. The buttons haven’t been used much, I bought them mostly to see how Seimitsu buttons feel and learned I prefer Sanwas.

Pics will be up later today.