FT10 Grudge match being streamed


ShinyBrentford (Goh) vs SDS Overfiend (Jacky) @9:00 Central. 10min from now


Is there a YT version if this? Couldn’t catch the stream and I’m on mobile until I fix my PC. Might be a GoDokuNoDan vs Shiny next with all the shit talking at 1Frame Kill.


SDS Overfiend (Jacky) vs ShinyBrentford (Goh) W/Commentary. This was for $50 to the winner

This one happened last week, $100 to the winner plus a SF4TE Arcade Stick
Tricky (Eileen) vs DrFamilia (Brad) W/Commentary

Stay tuned to find out who will be next, or who’s too scared to step up and play a video game in front of some viewers.