Fuck ChrisG!


Im having a bad night and I just heard what ChrisG said and I hope he loses his sponsorship. He did enough BS last year around this time to make it hard for sponsors to take the fighting game players seriously and then he says “oh well” about Robin Williams killing himself. I made a new friend recently whos really nice and she struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. Depression is a very hard thing that countless people struggle with every single day and for Chris to say what he did about one of my favorite actors just pisses me off!

The dudes play style I like and he has a strong work ethic, but if hes gonna say something that horrendously stupid and insensitive I dont know why anyone would want their brand associated with him. He wants to make a living playing fighting games, well dude dont you think you need to be a decent ambassador for your sponsor to the world? Seriously if youre that hateful then I dont want to watch your matches anymore. Williams had a far more successful life than you will and he brought way way way more joy to his fans than you have.

I dont care if this thread is closed I just had to get this off my chest and Im sure a lot of people think similarly.


Complaining about one person you don’t know saying something about another person you don’t know…



Get a Twitter account and whine on there.

FGC drama threads always suck. No shit he said something dumb, but, like, can people not go around complaining about it as much as they can?


real life scrub…


Oh shit, let’s grab the pitchforks and tourches.

Do you moarn every person you see in the obituaries in your newspaper even if you never gave a flying fuck about them when they were alive?

If not then fuck off TC, you’ve got no right to call anybody out on that shit, and if yes you really need to go see a psychaitrist or something.


To be fair, people are mad not because ChrisG didn’t care about Robin Williams dying but because ChrisG doesn’t know how depression works.

Still a dumb thread, since the OP apparently doesn’t really understand what Chris was saying either, but just pointing that out.


So because of your new friend with depression you suddenly have this soft spot in your heart for everyone with it? Maybe ChrisG really just doesn’t care. He didn’t say “Fuck Robin Williams and his family!”. He said “It sucks such a great actor died. But if it really was suicide then all well. I don’t have respect for people who kill themselves.” I mean, unless the video you linked is leaving something out, I’m not seeing anything wrong here. Lack of respect =!= hate. It’s not like he (or you) knew Robin Williams.

Though he probably should choose his words better when he’s got sponsors to think about.


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