Fuck negative edge


I never understand why this feature was so appreciate among fighting game players. It seems to me as fucked as SFIV shortcut tha can ruin a combo easily or auto correct AA. Fighting game are way better without it imo, but I count on you to make me change my opinion. So what’s your ? Why is this feature so liked ?


Some combos can become easier when the negative edge is used.

For example, SF3 Gouki’s close HP supercanceled into SA2 becomes much easier with this method. If you don’t use negative edge with this combo, you have to be much more precise with your inputs or you get something like HP x DP or DP xx SA2, which ruins the combo.

In particular, any time a character goes from a normal to a special of the same strength, negative edge allows for much easier execution, especially when a character has two moves with similar executions (DP motion vs QCFx2).


Say you have a move you can hold to charge that you need to come out asap to combo or be airtight in a blockstring.

If you negative edge it there is no chance of accidently charging it and messing up your combo or blockstring.


If you don’t like NE, play Xrd. They took it out.
That said, a lot of times, NE really helps. 3S specifically, with some super links that are hard - e.g. Akuma’s close s.mk hit confirm into SA1 or Makoto’s hayate SA1 (1 frame link with the cost of a meter and a highly punishable super). If you piano it correctly, you get six chances it will come out. lel plinking and its 2 chances.

It also enables T.Hawk ins ST to have that stupid “Sako Tick”.


If used correctly NE can really be useful. It’s just a matter of adapting the tools to the trade.


negative edge (and kara canceling) is from the older versions of SF2, where it was pretty much necessary because everyone’s execution sucked dick and nobody could throw a fireball consistently without it.

suppose you’re throwing a fireball, and press jab 1 frame too early while your stick is still in down-forward. (this is more common than you’d think, and if you turn on input display in whatever game you’re playing now, you’re probably still doing it)

without negative edge and kara cancels, this would’ve given you a crouching jab, which is definitely not the fireball you want. since we do have negative edge, the release of your jab ends up being on the correct frame so you qualify to get a fireball, and kara cancel lets the game cancel the first few frames of your crouching jab’s startup into a fireball.

nowadays we have fat input windows so negative edge and kara cancels aren’t really necessary, but no developer has saw it necessary to not implement them… except capcom, who saw fit to at least remove kara throws from sf5.


NE is on Xrd, is on BB where they took it away and added the 5 frames buffer


I never liked NE either. I just learned to adjust to it.


There’s also an important option select for fireballs with negative edge which non-ST players seem to have forgotten about completely.

There can only be one fireball on the screen, if you throw a fireball and time the next fireball to come out the moment the first fireball hits with normal input nothing is wrong if it hits. But if the player avoids the first fireball somehow, and you hit the second fireball with the positieve edge, there will be a fireball on the screen, and so instead your normal will come out, and you would whiff, for example a standing fierce if you tried to do an HP fireball.

This can be avoided if you press and hold the button which you wish to throw the second fireball with during the animation of the first fireball. Then, if you throw your second fireball with the negative edge, and they avoid the first nothing will come out and you will be able to punish them with a dp as they jump over your first fireball.

This is an important strategy that makes fireball traps really strong. Its usefulness is probably reduced somewhat in newer games because fireballs are worse, but seems to me it is still useful to avoid unwanted normal whiffs.

Is anyone still using this technique today? It does work in sf4 and 5…


They definitely took it out, unless your talking about Eddie… Which doesn’t really count


I actually tested it on my ps4 with sol, and it is still there.


Unless there’s a massive difference between PS4 and PC, there is no negative edge in Xrd. I just tested it with sol.

qcf+P press and hold P, fireball comes out. If you then do qcf+release P, no fireball comes out. This is true for all his other specials. So no, there’s no negative edge.

How did you test it?


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No you didn’t, because it’s NOT there. There is no negative edge, with the exception of the “holding” moves like Venom’s charged stinger aim.

Exactly this.
I wished there was negative edge, before the update, Venom really could have benefitted from it with his ballsets.

Mike Z even made a point of not playing Xrd because of no negative edge:


Negative edge on NRS games can be a huge pain in the ass. It’s leniency causes a lot of overlap which fucks me up when I play. Thankfully their games have the option to turn it off.


I have to wonder what kind of trip i was having yesterday that i seriously thought that there was NE :rofl:
I tested it again today and yeap, there is no NE on Xrd, dunno what kind of sloppy inputs i was doing yesterday that i actually thought there was ne.


I play SNK games, what the fuck is a negative edge?


you can make unflies/reflies easier in MvC2 with negative edge


negitive edge is amazing for cancelling moves into specials and supers with less effort


kinda gets in the way sometimes when trying to cancel a normal into a special.

For instance in SFEX Hokuto can cancel a c.mp into a elbow special qcf+p. However the mp variant of that move is too slow to combo. You need to do the lp version. So doing it regularly you may end up accidentally negative edging a mp. version instead of regularly activating the lp version thus ruining your combo. So you either have to press and release mp super quick so NE doesn’t get in the way, or hold mp extra long so the lp input is read first.