Fuck Ranked (This is a rant)

Made this thread basically because I’m irritated at the amount of garbage players in Ranked mode. I keep hoping “the next one won’t be so bad”, and I’m sometimes right, but overall, if it’s not poor competition and character diversity (People still hard for flowchart Ryu??), then it’s lagged to hell.

I just played a ranked match on PSN against some scumbag Rufus named x559monster who was nearing his pure obliteration in the 2nd round, when suddenly (miraculously? coincidentally??) the lag kicks in, and he makes some spray and pray comeback. I nearly have him again in the 3rd round, and again cue Guile’s theme zzzz

I just don’t think “being Ranked” is worth the amount of stress and frustration caused by all these bullshit players who don’t deserve the wins they get. It’s like all the precision it takes to play as Seth is for nothing because they cheat me out of a win when they can deliberately lag the system. It’s not even like I play a super high risk Seth. What a waste of good potential. Fuck that noise.

I’ll be playing KOF (not online).


EDIT - It’s easy to get irate when you lose to peopl you think just got lucky with a few hits, or do the same strategy repeatedly, to which you might not know the correct way of handling them. (Adons kicks, AA’ing guy… Things like that.)

Not to mention, with Seth… This will happen more than any other character, but same can be said for Seths comebacks… You know somewhere at sometime in your gametime you made a miraculous comeback & the bloke you beat is saying “That’s fuckin bullshit, i get knocked down once & this wanka goes on autopilot with super-ambiguous-&-safe mixups & there’s nothing i can do.” or “I get hit by an ultra & he gets a free mix-up? that’s bullshit”

In the end of the day, Even the random ones have to fight a fairly wide array of people, to which they themselves improve the calculation of there “random” playing. Originally i thought they were just spamming to… Which, they are there is no denying it. But it’s refined, to the point where they are doing the “random” stuff on a higher level than the typical random flowchart stuff.

tl;dr - if they were scrubby you wouldn’t lose? :stuck_out_tongue:

I played ranked a bit in Super and I peaked around 3k player points IIRC, I always played higher ranked. In my experience, I’ve always found much, much better competition in player match lobbies.

Seth is a bullshit magnet. So I never play him online, just too frustrating for me.

Guile player: A comprehensive guide to Guile players in the 2500-3500PP range (Xbox Live)

Blocked a jab?

Full screen?


Just sitting there for a few seconds?

Just got safe jumped and punished three times?

Seth player: A comprehensive guide to one player (me) in the 2800-3500PP range (Xbox live)

Did you press fst.HP before? No? Try doing it now.

How about trying to win a fireball war?


Probably shouldn’t have treated my stick like shit for so long though.

Did you run into this type of Guile player nine times today?

I can’t tell if it’s me or online anymore.

first to one, can’t tell if the player has bad internet, oh and taunt every time you stun: play as stupid as you possibly can and be as big a dick as possible to mind game that guy

tl;dr: yeah fuck ranked

I feel your pain. Same thing happens to me all the time on ranked. I get so many laggy matches, but eventually I get a good one, which is around the time when they rage quit on me.

haha have this in every fu*king match.

Yeah there are some occasions i swaer i’ve only done a QCF & SPD comes out. It’s crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have lag, is because you have a crappy internet conections, not because you play ranked. So, get yourself a better internet provider instead of starting a stupid thread. Since the v 2012 I’ve seen a lot of diversity regarding chars, and about the competiotion, I find it pretty ok. Sure, I fight total noobs, but also have met A ranked players (and this without putting any specifications in the search criteria). But you know what ? I enjoy playing anybody.

Get a better ISP? As if there is really much of a choice if any at all for most people…Also it doesn’t really matter if your connection is good if your opponent’s connection is bad. Laggy matches are going to happen it’s a simple fact of online play

you have no idea how the internet works

If you have DSL, unplug and replug your modem before starting matches online, you may be surprised what a re-sync with the DSLAM can do for reducing lag.

I agree that the character diversity has been atrocious since 2012. So many shotos, especially Oni. Like seriously, Oni is the new Ken. Which is okay because NOBODY plays him well at all lol.

I was thinking the same thing about Oni. I’ve seen tons of them for some reason and like 90% of them are really bad. Tons of random SRKs and stuff. Whenever I see a shoto in general though, I usually breathe a sigh of relief because I don’t really feel like they’re too much trouble for Seth. Ultra 1 shuts down fireballs, the char specific stuff I like to do works against them, there seems to be very little diversity in their play-style, and I’ve just had so much experience against them that it’s second nature by now.

I found this thread funny, since I was snooping around here cause I’m thinking of picking up Seth/Akuma. Then I experienced such horrible ranked games the other day, even one game I just put the stick down cause all the guy did was turtle/taunt with a horrendous connection. I however, didn’t rage and make a thread about it, I simply don’t care. It’s actually funny when bad players think that online tactics make them good. I still stay away from Seth online, I can’t deal with it.

No bad words in the thread titles…I’d edit that.

Also wtf, Seth is one of the best characters in the game with multiple guessing games in your favor.

When I had SSF IV:AE and played online, I bumped into lag like crazy. Funny thing is, now that I have been playing more online games like Blazblue and Battlefield 3 I notice that this happens alot in other games. Sometimes it is bad connection, other times it is something associated with an ass hat hitting the lag switch. It is annoying as hell but the best you can do is play and have fun. Once it ain’t fun anymore it becomes a chore. Stick to Player Matches and you will be fine. Most importantly, play live and you will do more than fine.

Play with friends, add some people from SRK. Playing randoms isnt worth it and you never really learn anything. Offline, private rooms and 1v1’s are all my xbox live is used for. Same with Blazblue and KoF.

You learn so much more.

But I like getting points :frowning:
I’ve learned to deal with a few laggy matches here and there, but what annoys me about ranked lately is that I always end up fighting people with PP and BP much lower than mine even if I search for people who are “more skilled”. It’s frustrating because if I win the match I earn 1 BP and if I lose the match I lose like 100+ BP. That and I’ve recently had several people disconnect on me after I stun them.

Getting A rank and losing to someone with less than 2,500PP/10,000BP is incredibly annoying.

So annoying that I grinded it out to 15,004 after dropping to 14,800 (you get like 15BP for winning against people with <7,000, lose and you get -40 to -50…you get 1 point for beating people below 3,000) and decided that I wasn’t going to bother with Seth in ranked anymore. When everyone wants to take crazy risks online, I can’t afford to try new things if I want to keep dem points. Not so much that I care too much about points, but I feel bad when I drop below the rank requirements. :frowning:

edit: Actually I played bunsomite a few times these past few days. I swear Cammy gets free throws online lol