Fuck ryu his gay!

Ryu has been the fagget from each street fighter game!!!

stfu. dumbass.

Can somebody explain to me what’s so fun about getting banned?

^^^ Goukicho joined like, yesterday. I’m pretty sure he is used to fucktard forums where you can spam and sound as stupid as you like without repercussions.

He’s just a troll I believe… well, I hope so at least. Either that or he’s 8.

his gay?

his gay what? gay friend? gay brother?

dumbass doesn’t even know proper grammar.

in case you’re still stumped, it’s “he’s gay!”

why? “he’s” is a contraction of “he is”. “his” is a possessive form of “him”.

Ryu is Strong.


dont’ forget the spelling error in fagget


Somebody erase this shit please. :tup:


I bet he’s referring to Ryu having god like perception when you play agenst[sp] him as the CPU…

But yeah, STFU!

his gay omg… this is actually funny…but yes please erase this shizzle
i wish i could denjin his turd-tacular ass to hell.

this guy is seriously either doing all these spelling errors on purpose or his retard!!!

Where do these grade A faggot noobs come from ?

A Magical Land of Homosexuality

Why does everyone keep bumping this guys threads? I know Im doing it too with this post, but I had to say somthing.

People like this have nothing better to do and just want a reaction.

I guess I’m the only one who found this funny. :rofl:

“Ryu has been the fagget from each street fighter game!!!” + the angry face… It just makes me think of angry engrish, and at least it’s something new to insult it, he has been the fagget from each game, as if they crown a fagget in each game. XD

engrish for the win? yeah it is funny his gay… i mean god damn it’s so bad it’s good!!

I got 20$ that says he’s still in middle school.

^^^I don’t think so… I’m in my last year of junior high and I know how to write a coherent sentence. I’m thinking he’s the only 2nd grader in his school with facial hair.

I mean’t to say grade MSF Faggots

Damn, you’re in 8th grade? Crazy.