Fuddruckers *DATE PENDING* SF4, HD remix, Special Exhibition Match

Date: Pending

SF4 singles

HD Remix Singles

5 on 5 Exhibition Match

Please Sticky. More info coming soon.

Fuck yeah, i’m always down for fudd

wtf no way!

mannnnnn why r u running it da day after Project Blocks tourney in SoCal and Santa Cruz ~_~

every tourney will eventually end up after a tourney, this works best for those running it, make a weekend of it, should be fun!

Oh, man. With this one and the Santa Cruz tourney the day before…woooo!

Could any other date be given consideration? It makes it very difficult to attend Fudd when it is the day after a major event in Socal. Many Norcal players will be in Socal for the duration of the weekend and unable to attend Fudd. Myself, Ricky, Fchamp, ROM, Vangief, Kineda have all already committed to Socal. This also makes it very difficult for Socal heads to attend Fudd as well.

what john said. haha

Word. Understood.

Thank you for the consideration!

Can someone please send a link to the details of this tourney?

Sent you a PM.

:lol: I’m so down for this tourny :cool:

Will there be any tekken again? :wonder:

I will be in the Bay the next weekend for the Game Developers Conference, push it back a week please!!

thanks man

LOL Ramin fails at picking dates every time.

I remember back in the day where everyone would put everything on hold for Fudds, and every date i picked was going to be the most godlike day ever. but hey as they say " Times, they are a changing"

shaddapa u face…

Glad to hear north cal will have another big HDR tourney this month…consider running it on the Feb 21. which is a sunday one week out from your original 28th plan…that would probably be better.

yaaaa, make it the first week of March imo xD