Fuddruckers Setup Check List


Please tell us what you can bring. We are trying to have an even amount of setups for all the games. Again all this is highly appreciated and could not be done if it wasnt for all your guys help. So please help contribute. Thank you

A set up is a monitor and a console with a game. If you cant bring the whole thing, then just let me know what you can bring.

SF4 ( 6 PS3 setups and 6 Xbox setups)


  1. Keystone 2
  2. Ramin
  3. Thnxyoutoo
  4. Ghostmaker
  5. John Dill
  6. Jay Akuma001


  1. Keystone 2
  2. Keystone 2
  3. Boy of Joy
  4. Vitto- TV, Marcos-console
  5. Vitto

Tekken 6 ( 1 PS3 and 1 Xbox)
1 .Keystone 2
2. Keystone 2

HD Remix ( 1 PS3 and 1 Xbox)

  1. Thrust07(360)
  2. Shinobi

Again thank you everyone that can help bring something, i always appreciat it.


ill find out if i can make it to this tourny if i can then ill be able to bring my Xbox 360 with Sf4


We also have HD Remix on a PS3 and a 360 (2 total on hard drive). Don’t know if that will be a conflict since the systems might be used at the same time for a different game. Just throwing the option out there.


I will provide a PS3 and ASUS for the IPW stream setup.


Can someone sticky this please.


I can contribute a 360 with my sf4 copy.


360+ sf4 disk unlock/hd:r and monitor


what day is this happening again? im pretty sure ill be going, in which case i have and can bring a ps3 with sf4 (all chars unlocked) and an LCD tv


its going to be on the 24 on jan.


ramin i have up to 3 more TVs if needed alas not the appropriate systems to go with, but TV’s yes.


I can bring a whole setup: xbox, ASUS Evo monitor, and SF4.


Fresno can provide a PS3 with SF4 and an Evo monitor. My only regret is that I cannot provide Kaizer.


Ramin, did you get me down that I’ll be bringing my 360 and SfIV copy?


i got you marcos and ghostmaker.

hey ghostmaker, why cant kaizer come?


He would apparently rather chase women and drink heavily than hang out with smelly dudes and play videogames. Mixed up priorities, I tell you.


Sup Ramin,

I can bring my 360 with HDR. I have the 26 inch Asus monitor which I can also bring if the community is down to use it.
It is confirmed to have less than one frame of lag (which is vritually undetectable by humans).

Since I’m running HDR, I’d prefer to use my setup for HDR so I can keep an eye on it. Holler at me if there are issues.


Ramin, as confirmed last night, I’ll bring a PS3 for HDR. I don’t have a monitor but maybe Vittorio can bring one his TV’s for it? You’ll probably want his 360 for SF4.

For HDR, we have Thrust’s 360 and eltwopee’s 360, and my PS3. We only have 1 monitor for this. We probably need 2 more.


Im 95% sure I can bring a full set up for HDR. I can bring my 360 for sure and I ordered an ASUS that should arrive b4 sunday.


hey L2P is there anyway we can use your setup for SF4, since i already have everything i need for HDR.

Also to let everyone know, PLEASE arrive at 12 so we can set everything up before anyone gets there. its would mean alot to me. Again thank you so much to everyone who is bringing something.


should i bring my xbox with sf4 and no seth?