Fuddruckers Team List


Post your team on here so I can compile a list of teams for your pleasure and viewing.

Team Scrub: Eric Choi/KOREA/Jack-Masarap
Team You Bastard: Vangief/LPN/Crackfiend
Team The Good Kinds: [COLOR=“pink”]Ricky Ortiz[/COLOR]/Freelipino/John Choi (Winning is for GAYS)
Team Kapital: Marn/Perfect Sin/Flash Metroid
Team Bet on Black: Combofiend/Mike Ross/Keno
Team Prayers: Richard Ri/Kineda/Thrust07
Team Crazy Mexicans: Grimmz/El Cubano Loco/Lucien
Team Indeginous Titties (Fresno): Mike Chow/Mike Reyes/Javier Garcia
Team Edward: Boy of Joy/Traniel/Scunsion
Team LB and Company: Slompo/LB/
Team Mixup City: DopeUyuu/Botsu/Downback
Team RVD: Tyram/Blk_Brotha/Ryan
Team Spinning Poon Breaker: VegaMan/Samma/POONRAY
Team Dick in a Box: Hiro/Young Legend/Lamerboi
Team Ebony and Ivory: WhiteShadow/RawwStewage/LilSicx66
Team GiefCakes: BPC/CBK/FutureChamp
Team Unfair Share: Locke/Cynt/Pote

17 Teams

Please continue posting your teams. I’m way too lazy to go look for all the teams in the other thread. I made up some team names, they ain’t official, so if you don’t want me to name your team, post the team name up.

Also, this does NOT represent the true value/amount of people who will show up to this event. These are teams I’m reading about on SRK, or I’ve talked with them personally.


Masarap/Eric Choi/200 yen (this actually might be the only davis team)


Team 2 Browns and a White

Brian “Grimmz” Rincon
Marcos “El Cubano Loco” Blanco
Lucien Mayo


Team Indigenous Titties:

Mike “Ghostmaker” Chow
Mike “fobi0” Reyes
Javier “Cynistar” Garcia




lol at choi’s edit.


Team Metsu Upperbutt: