Fudruckers Warm-up tonight Hosted by n3ss East Bay (Pittsburg)

Hey whats up everyone, I’ll make this quick and to the point. Having a mini gathering tonight for SF4 -no more than 15 heads- in the East Bay, Pittsburg to be exact (5 mins from Bart), to get ready for the tounry this weekend. If your chill, drink and like SF4 your welcome to come. If I know you, your welcome to crash as well.

Invite only so please post here or pm me for details. :lovin:


thurst07 (maybe)
tharimrattler +1
WolfGang K

Nice. I’ll let you know if I get my work done.

I might want to check this out with a friend tonight if its cool.

i would like to come to this. are you playing sf4 on 360 or ps3?

Oh snap, Thrust and Rattler? I gots to show.

EDIT: I can bring a stick.

I have a 360 and one stick.

EDIT: Spots still open. what time is everyone interested in meeting up?

niggas best be practicing.

cool if i roll?

i can bring sticks and a setup if needed.

I am up for whenever. If you need a copy of sf4 for 360 i can bring a copy.

We have a second TV not sure if we can use it, I will check. Updated first post with a list of people coming so far.

I can come tonight… what time+address? and what kind of liquor should I bring? PM me.

Good question. are people driving or bart? i just check the last bart least at midnight. we can start at 8pm? and go till whenever. gives people time that come via bart to get games in before having to leave.

Hey Rimrattler or Akuma001, if I can’t make it, can either of you guys bring an allen wrench and take a look at Wolfgang’s TE stick for me please? He may have a crossed signal on the inside. Thanks guys!

Ok, I still got room for a couple more. for those that mentioned drinks, Beer: Guinness or Blue Moon. Hard stuff: jack or Makers is good. if people wanna save money keystone lights are just as good!

i’ll be pm’ing info within the hour. and a exact time of meeting… looking 8-8:30ish people are ok with that.

daaang I wanna come! Gotta chill with the girl today though. Good shit holding it down ness

I’d say bring her so melissa doesn’t get hella bored! haha. hit me up if things change man, your welcome to crash!

2x this sentiment. gotta hang out with the girl, good shit holding the practice session. See you tomorrow though.

where in the P is this at? i’m in west pitt. may be down to come thru and game with you guys if i aint got other plans.

pm’s sent out

n3ss you so nice.