Fuerte Inspiration thread

Hey guys, I just thought this thread would be good for us fuerte players since it takes alot of will and passion to keep at him. So I made this thread to keep that flame burning a little longer. Post anything that keeps you motivated/ inspires you / hypes you up / match vids / quotes / anything that keeps you driving forward. Also if you want me to put something in this post to keep it “Stickied” just include so in your post.


Story of the Year - The Antidote

Rise Against - Drones

Slipknot - Duality


“No Hesitation”
“Be a human being before being a player”

The cheer of the crowd after a 7-10 hit rsf is what keeps me pumped, that and the look on peoples faces after a loss that say “cant believe i lost to fuerte”. Oh that and sending messages to people who ragequit.

“Never give up. Trust your instincts.”

  • Peppy Hare

Winning with Fuerte is just so genuinely exciting, you really do need to work. Especially when you land a good RSF on your opponent, just 3-4 hits makes me really happy :rofl:

Some music I like to listen to before a tournament or going to the arcade

Story of the Year - The Antidote

Rise Against - Drones

Slipknot - Duality

Ill post more whenever I get a chance =)

RSF is what inspires me to use fuerte. i guess its a weakness but i try to land one every match, unless its zangief. even if i do lose, i still feel excited for landing rsf in a match :smiley:

Kai actually inspired me back in vanilla to start learning el fuerte as a 2ndary. but now i main him in super :o

My fuerte shirt motivates me


The EX Guac, and mixing the fuck outta any player… just like a cook should cake batter… lol

I once went to a tournament with a big bag of tacos and gave one to everyone that I beat. The look on their faces when eating the taco is what motivates me. lol

omg thats a really cool shirt how did you make that? was it stencil

my sister in law made it for me with fabric markers

<3 fuerte. I will never give him up.

<3 Fuerte. I will never let him down.

<3 Fuerte. I will never run around and desert him.

<3 Fuerte, Never gonna make you cry.

<3 Fuerte. Never gonna say goodbye.

Awesome. Do you have a link to the art with that pose? It’s great.

see wut i did there