Fuerte Service Announcement

Thank you El Fuerte. Thank you for making opponents lives miserable. The way you make people quit early. The hate mail you receive. The way you make it look so easy and fluid. The way you make people counterpick against you cuz their main is lame. We have a long future together little Mexican friend. Stand tall. Be swift. And may your RSF be long and plentiful. You strike fear, you ruin days, and we all love you for that. Viva El Fuerte!

This is a good topic

I am approve.

I made this for my brother in law for Christmas - put a larger version of it in an 8.5" by 11" frame and signed it. He didn’t seem as excited as I thought he’d be. :wink:

now, if only ppl didnt mash so run stop pressure will be easier to do.

Now if only Capcom didn’t make mashing easier to do in SF4. Think about how run stop pressure would be if Fuerte was in Third Strike. He would own :rofl:

KnauerPower I fought you online earlier.

You were Rufus, but I saw Elf’s flag as your icon. You played a good Rufus as well as Elf.

Until you get St. Jabbed out of Flying Giga Buster

don’t remind me…