FUKIAGE faq n discussion

Overhauled this part

Fukiage, ways to land it, ways to use it.
Pros are obvious, the stun damage is insane.
Cons are obvious as well, she just stands there if you miss.

Fukiage counters:

Machine gun blow (ex and normal)
last hit parried, allows for fukiage, jab, strong or fierce

Ex backswing:
last hit parry, jab fukiage only

Corkscrew blow (SA3)
red parry last hit, not sure if fierce works
parry first hit, fukiage, any punch

Lunge Punch
Parried, middle of the arc of motion or before
jab fukiage only


I started messing with the EX a while ago, and you can see results. I lose a lot more. :^)
Really though, the EX is amazing - it punishes nearly all wakeup options or post-Hayate options that Urien has, and it hits pokes amazingly well (Chun d.Jab, Shoto d.Strong, Dudley er, whatever he does repeatedly…) especially after a Hayate. The dash part seems to have basically the same properties as Yun’s shoulder, where it avoids (goes below?) moves that it looks like it shouldn’t at all. I’ll show you at FF sometime. Unfortunately, for the life of me I can’t get it to go under the Denjin.
Additionally, learning to short-kara a normal DP after landing an EX raises the stun to 75-85%…

Mike Z

Has anyone used it as a way to keep people in the corner? like while mixing them up, they try to jump out then hit them with it on thier way over your head?

and yes, it aces just about any wake up move urien has. haha. couldnt belive it when i was doing it so consitantly.

anybody like to get 2 fukiages? something i used to do was s.strong. they block and try to jump… ex fukiage, if they fly right above yoru head you get another free fukiage… i dunno how much stun that does… just a thought

btw the fukiage is the freakin cross over killer, if they do any cross up slightly late, punish that shit

b4k4 i want a cool tosf avatar tooo
how how how?

I really want to add this move to my game with Makoto.

What are some good openings to land this?

What are some big FUKIAGE THAT SHIT! situations beyond punishing late crossups?

What are the best followups to a landed standard fukiage? (Scrubby me mostly uses c.RH)

The EX version goes under shoto fireballs/ex fireballs and connects.

First, theres nothing wrong with c.RH, it’s dependable, and good damage and stun. Of course there are always the standard follow ups:
Superjump-cancel j.FP
Standing FP
EX fukiage (sometimes)
Or (this may need confirmation):
jab reset > short kara EX Fukiage (cross under)
Basically you can do reset > 3 way guessing game

Openings? Unfortunately situations are very specific, which is why I opened this thread. Since I dont have 3s at home, I cant test any counters here. This move is 100% counter move btw.

Any jump in, if measured correctly can be punished with a EX fukiage, its just tough to get that distancing down.

Edit: Another very specific thing, you can punish Alex jumping jab, to stop his 2 way tick guessing game, but I believe it depends on where that jab will land on your hitbox.

Fukiage… hmm… quite useful if you are good at connecting it… i hardly ever use it, but i believe it is the secret to defeating Ken… i must try it out more against Ken… like counter his fireballs with EX version.

Antiair standing Strong (parried) into Strong or Fierce DP works well, and if the DP is parried you can still sj. Also, if you use EX DP as antiair sometimes it ends up crossing up when they land…
EX DP hits or trades with the following things that are useful:
Everyone - UOH, jumping moves :^)
Ken - d.Strong, s.Strong, overhead w/Fwd, s.RH. Parried 3rd hit of Shippu can be punished with Jab DP, red-parried last hit can be punished with EX DP (although there are other alternatives that are better)
Chun - far s.RH, far Fierce, s.Strong, EX SBK, d.Jab, close s.Fwd. EX trades with B+Fierce with chance for juggle followup. EX DP after 2nd set of kicks from SAII can punish the last (easily parriable) kick.
Alex - any poke that’s not d.Short/Fwd/RH, the elbow rush, the Stungun (EX only, normal gets grabbed). Normal DP beats the stomp. EX DP vs. s.Fierce both moves completely whiff, but Makoto recovers with significant advantage.
Urien - anything except d.Short/Fwd/RH or throw. :^) Also most stuff you parry can be punished by EX or (if close) normal DP…
Yun - um. d.Strong (no chance to react though), divekick, rushpunch. Shoulder can be beaten with normal or EX DP if you time it right.

I’m at work, but there’s way more. Also, best followups for landed EX DP seem to be either d.RH (lots of stun + chance to dash in and followup, plus don’t have to figure out which side you were on when you hit) or superjump QCB+Fwd then taunt, or if you get good a normal DP (possibly short-kara’d). Superjump Fierce gives you less dmg and stun than d.RH plus they end up far far away and you get no chance to taunt, and s.Fierce also has no advantage over d.RH. Another alternative is wait, jump towards Jab and do the reset. (^.^) Not many people expect that.

More when I’m not at work,
Mike Z

Is there any invincibility on the EX version? Or can you c.Short her out of it?

I wish I could play 3s at home right now, can’t wait for the ps2 one to come out (even if it is fubared.)

mmm i doubt if there is any invincibility, but maybe upper body invincibility?

cuz as i recall someone said it has same properties as Yun’s shoulder tackle.

She can be c.Short’d out of it. She just ducks incredibly low (under Alex’s s.Fierce, for example). No invincibility.

Mike Z

I’ll play around with it some, I wonder how easy it will be to con people into jump parrying by using d.RH as anti air early on and then switching up, for the s.Strong into Strong Fukiage. The d.RH followup can put them into a situation similar to a post Hayate game too, it’s kind of cool.

I have started using fukiage more now in my game as well. The last thing I am runing into as far as third strike is concern is option selecting against throws as a whole to destroy the random guessing wakeup games. Could somebody quickly tell me how this works?

Kara ex fukiage is rad if you learn how to make people land on it. yes, land on it, its nothing like a shoto DP where it can hit them at the apex of thier jump, so it takes time to get used to. Many people think it is safe to jump in at makoto at certain ranges, and using this will make them think otherwise. Also, like someone said in this thread, a lot of times it will actually cross under them and that is very tricky looking. It works esspicly well on large characters, from what I have seen. It’s not the easiest thing to parry becuase the kara will throw people off for parry timing and…well, its just a strange move to parry.

Once you get good with this, and also punishing cross overs with normal fukiages, you can really start consitatnly stunning people and winning matches with just a fukiage and a couple karakusa combos…

if you dont know the distance, thats when you get the *unluck cross under, if you can see it…and you shouldnt be throwing this out like its candy to poor children, then you should see distance and adjust for kara regular or ex

I actually think it is worth throwing out if think you have at least a half chance of landing it (Makoto’s MO huh?). I am a little more careful against smaller characters, but someone like dudley or urien, it works pretty well most the time. Outside of the stun factor, it has a lot of good follow ups to keep your opponent guessing.

How do you know if you succesfully kara a S.Rh Fukiage? Is their any indications?

What i’ve been doing is to :dp: then let go of the stick completely, then as fast as I can press S.RH then MP. Am I doing it right?

Yes. That should work.

The indication is that Makoto is moved backwards, then the fukiage comes out… kinda how with her kara karakusa, she is moved forward, then her karakusa comes out.

You shouldnt be able to see any indications when it’s done in the abare combo however.