Fukiage on stunned characters

I know that you can use fukiage on a stunned characted but I don’t understand how it hits them. Any explination on how this is allowed on stunned opponents would be cool. Also a list of what character(s) this does/doesn’t work on along with what version to use would be even more helpful. Thanks in advance.

because some of them change there hitbox to a hittable target when you use fukiage, i know it works on dudley ryu ken akuma alex and Q but i don’t know who else the shoto’s and alex you have to wait till they lean foward while there shaking and Q you have to do it from behind him

Usually it hits because their hitbox is “leaning over” or they are swaying back and forth and it “leans over” than too. Thats as in-depth as I am able to explain it lol.

Who it can hit:
Elena can be hit with fukiages when not stunned half of the time, and hit 100% of the time when stunned from the front.

Swaying: You can hit them from the front and back, have to time it right.



I dont suggest you don’t try to use Fukiage’s on the “swaying” characters, unless your confident you can time it right.

Only use the fierce version. Unless your a bit too far away and you think they are about to “wake up” than maybe, just maybe, use the EX version. (thats kind of a rare case)

I swear that move is so weird. You can counter hit some people with the ex version like Alex’s s.hp…

with the swaying characters just do a meaty fukiage on their wakeup and it will it (assuming point blank)

yeah but also on the swaying characters you can do neutral jump fierce > fierce xx super or hayate depending on meter built up.

Mackinzie: There really is no need to do the neutral jump fierce > etc combo. There really is no need to go for stun again if you already stunned them, maybe if you wanna show off though. Roundhouse is just easier to connect to might as well use it instead. (unless fierce is easier for you to execute, than I guess my whole post was pointless)

well i’ve just been practicing execution because it’s good to know how and when you are able to do things and your right fierce fierce would be overkill when the roundhouse is easier to execute i just don’t want to hold myself back thats all. but i suppose my point was fukiage is fun but wouldn’t a combo be a better choice for dmg?

Yea true if your going for damage use a super combo, just whichever button is easier for you to start it I guess (same damage).

Just so you know luigi-bo, If remember correctly, I tested the damage for the fukiage > sj cancel > rh axe kick. And that was either exactly the same, one more, or one less the damage of j. rh > s. fp > EX hayate. But with a reset or follow up of the EX I guess that one would take more damage. But in the end, the fukiage combo is easier, and it doesn’t use any super meter.

Been practicing using fukiage on stunned characters. I’m getting the hang of it. Thanks Deadpool for the character specific stuff and anyone else who helped me understand this crazy move.