Fukiage vs. Akuma Tatsu

I played someone on GGPO yesterday who repeatedly wrecked me with Gouki.

First off… what’s the story with his spin kick cross-up? I keep blocking it and getting hit by it once he crosses me up. I guess I need to change block directions? Is it worth it to try and parry/red parry?

I feel like Makoto’s fukiage should be a great counter-strategy against tatsu, but I just can’t use it right. Sometimes I can kara-EX fukiage against a poorly-aimed demon flip, but those spin kicks get me every time.

I guess this could go in General Strategy, but I’m really specifically wondering about fukiage, too.

i think if you parry twice then you can fukiage otherwise you can dash under it or sometimes IF YOUR ARE LUCKY hayate it for a 2x hayate but it’s really risky

correct. however learning to red parry the last hit isn’t hard, and will usually result in a massive reward as opposed to the smaller risk of getting knocked down.


Is there a video somewhere of Makoto parrying the last hit of Akuma’s HK tatsu after being crossed up? I simply can’t do it. I ALWAYS eat the last hit when his HK tatsu crosses me up. I can do an FP Fukiage and if I time it right, it will hit him without even trading, but I can’t do it consistently and it has to happen before the first tatsu hit connects. I’m pretty sure that in the Demon Flip pressure string that kept finishing with the HK Tatsu crossup happened way too fast for me to FP fukiage in time to pull that off, so if there’s a way to parry the crossup, I want to know!

The problem is that I have to crouch and block to avoid getting hit by the initial tatsu hits, but then when it crosses up, you have to parry in the same direction that you were blocking! How does that even work?

Though I’m sure it’s possible to parry the crossup last hit of tatsu, that’s not what they were talking about afaik. For that I’d recommend you just switch directions and block. Once that becomes easy (though I dunno how much lag you got on GGPO) you can worry about punishing it harder. You might be able to fukiage them by inputting it as soon as you see the last move they cancel into it from. I don’t know if that’ll work, someone should try that out and post it here XD But that is still a matter of predicting it, if you’re playing someone who’s not as predictable (ie good players) IMO you’re better off just reacting to the tatsu by blocking the crossup or go from low to bocking high into whatever (for example red parry).

I don’t know, tbh. You’d have to go through neutral so fast that I dunno if it’s even worth practicing. The direction also depends on the timing at which the crossups actually moves over you. Sometimes you can parry crossups like you would a frontal attack if the parry input is before they cross up and the crossup lands within the parry window (8 frames, yea?) in all other situations you have to parry ‘backwards’. Maybe that’s

ehhh you can

a) block it and reversal sa 1

b) block first hit duck second hit and parry out the rest (by ducking a hit its no longer a red parry on the tatsu) *assuming rh tatsu

c) red parry last hit (as said)

d) parry two hits st fukiage (as said)

e) parry crossup hit for free st fp (if your blocking by holding the stick to the left you would parry by tapping leftand vise-versa)

note if you go for the red parry of the last hit or try to parry the crossup hit and miss it they can juggle you (spacing/situation specific)

ie you miss the parry on the crossup they can juggle with a sa 1 (does shit damage though)

or you miss the red parry on the last hit near the corner they can hit with a st fp, etc (just something to keep in mind when you somewhat low on health)

you can rh sa2 them in the head!