Fukua's best assist?



Can I get opinions on the most useful Fukua assist? How about if my other characters are any mix of Bella/Band/Squigly?:

Love Dart - cover fire for the point character to go in?

Platonic Drillationship H - Seems like a mediocre lock-down assist that’s not too useful against hi-flyers (Val/Filia), but did find a neat use when matching Bella vs. Para. If I’m fishing to punish j.HP abusers with Bella’s air throw, I can elbow drop and immediately call this assist to restand them, then dash in and get a modest 5K, 1 meter combo.

Inevitable Snuggle - defensive reversal against rushdown, or keeping blockstring pressure safe, and get follow-up combo (also, Cerebella poke + call this assist + anti-air grab shenanigans?)

Forever a Clone L - low attack pressure to go with jump-ins?