Full color comic page

After MANY MANY hours of work, I have finished my first full color comic page. A sample page for a writer. If he hires me I’ll have to do 22 of these O_O



I like the colours and style you have - a realistic touch indeed - what program did you use to colour?



Looking good Chain. I can tell you definitely know what you’re doing. Only thing i have to crit is the following:

panel 5. I think the guy with the braids should have his legs extended forward some more afer that impact. He just doesn’t seem to stand on the same grounds as the main character.

panel six. Watch out for tangent lines on the doctors hand hitting panel 7. Either move his hands in some or totally cut off the top of panel 7.

Panel 7. I think you can move him up some more so he won’t be dead center.

Overall killer job. 8 out of 10 stars.

Gunstar: thanks, I used photoshop.

SFMC: Thanks for the in-depth crit. Lol, the guy with the braids is supposed to be a girl. Guess she could have used more of a feminine figure. I see what you mean about her pose though. She was supposed to be flying up in the air, but her stance make it look like she should be standing even though she is too high to be on the ground. Good point about the hand too, I don’t know how I missed that. The last panel was composed how it was for lettering reasons. Which I brings me to…


After resizing it to web size I realized that the font I chose for the doctoc kind of sucks, but I don’t feel like redoing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now THAT is some nice stuff. Nothing really bad to say.

I say this with no knowledge about making comics, but don’t you think thats a bit too much details to do on 22 pages? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright Chain

thats looking killer. I really like the pose that the doctor is in in the second to the last panel. Might I ask what’s it about?

Great job!

Hello chainwhore, first of all you definately have the potential to
color and to draw too which not many could do tat, but im not saying tat there is no one out here or anywhere else can’t :slight_smile:

I love ur color sense and the style u place ur character on each particular panel too but maybe there is still some panel u would like to correct or refine on ur next page but yet other then tat its seriously a well done page. To me its wonderful man!

Btw i was wondering if u ever tried exaggerating the villiams or characters in ur own comic before? take for example in the page which u done, maybe u can try exaggerate the zombies more by drawing them twisted more or perhaps u could play wif their expression? As for the “Doc zombie” maybe u could draw him standing in a mighty or a powerful post. but yet tis is jus a suggestion which i normally like exaggerating my characters, wats more its fun :slight_smile:

Impressive work Chainwhore! The second to last panel is my fav.#

And off topic
Amazing new avatar SFMC! Did you give that Talent search scrpit a crack too? It#s looks fantastic!!!

Very impressive stuff there. I like the coloring and lines. I can imagine how long it took you to make that.:cool:

im a hardass. i find it un immersive. the cam is pulled out so far, u cant really feel the action. the colors are awesome, the lineart isnt my fav, particularly becuz the inking style.