Full Custom New Amboyna for Sale

I am offering this blank as a full custom for someone on these boards. This is made from Amboyna Burl. Gorgeous swirls and rare yellow sapping in 3 of the 4 corners. This wood is truly a top of the line unique piece. You will notice a few small pits. This is a natural part of the wood. Measuring 12" x 8.25". It is a slim case measuring just 1.75 high for an ultra slim profile. As such the bottom under the joystick will have a small hole cut in it to allow the stick to freely move. A JLF should not drop below the board.

Artwork will be provided from customer. Button/stick color selection will be requested as well. PCB selection will be requested.
As the buttons, stick and PCB are decided by the customer I can only offer an estimate on the price. This assembled stick will be in the $325-400 range. This does include shipping and insurance.

Prior Feedback on cases here:




are you willing to sell the case by itself. also which buttons does it accept?

It excepts any sanwa or seimitsu screw ins. 30mm for top 24mm for side. Top was set up for a JLF stick.

At this time I am only looking to sell it fully assembled. Had 2 offers on it as the case by itself and I told those people the same thing.

thanks man. I’m really into thos exotic woods.

I believe this has been sold. Please send a PM if you are interest and I will put you on a waiting list if anything falls through.

Item is back for sale! Buyer had an issue getting funds available.