FULL CvS2/MvC2/3S/ST results?

Does anyone have these games full results/brackets posted yet ?

-D R B


helllllllllllllllloooooooooo anyone ??? fuck


I want to know if I got top 33 again.

I’m looking for this too.

Yeah, it’s getting kinda weird at this point.

We could probably figure out top 24 from memory. If you were one match away from qualifying you tied for 17th. If you qual’d in losers and lost your first match, you tied for 13th. If you qual’d in losers and won 1 game then lost the next OR you qual’d in winners and went 0-2 in semis then you tied for 9th.

Personally, I got 17th in 3S and 13th in CvS2.

I wasnt there, couldnt come because of soome last minute bullshit…thats why I paid for inscription and all. I just want full result to see who place where and all.

Yeah it’s been almost too long without an official Evo announcement of the results. Semi Final results at least should be mad easy to put out this year since only one person qualified out of each bracket to go into top 8. I qualified in winners out of my 3S bracket so I’m assuming I either tied for 9th or something.

Um, the evo website had the results up for a while now.

I think they want more than the top 8. Maybe top 32 or 64 for each game.

Yeah, I wanna see how all my friends did. Every previous year they’ve listed the full results, from 1 to 1XX.


Ahh, if thats the case then my bad.

it doesn’t really matter who finishes after top 8 unless you have an “EGO” you need to feed. people don’t remember “so and so” was tied for 24th place. they remember top 8. hell, some don’t even remember top 8. they only know top 2 like me.

Whether and where you finished is completely unimportant to me. I want to know how my friends did.

if they were really your friends, you wouldn’t be asking huh? oh btw, i didn’t attend evo ultradavid.

you’re at it again i see…

well first of all, it has nothing to do with ego, those of us who play to win would like to know how we’re doing. and some of us just want to see if those who talk shit can really back it up. and david just wants to see how his friends did in the scheme of things

why the fuck do you care.

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