Full FEMALE Team

I was challenged by a friend to make up a good all female team and beat my friend with it.

This could have gone in any number of threads but I’m going to answer it anyway. I’m going to recommend Trish/Tron/Phoenix, with Tron running Gustaff Fire assist; I’m less sure on the other characters’ assists (I find Phoenix’s dash assist helpful for extending Tron combos, but)

Trish Tron and Phoenix are good though. Go with Team Darkstalkers IMO.

Definitely Lipstick alt Modok, Pink shuma gorath, phoenix. You friend will be so busy staring at their sexy, irresistible looks that he will have no chance at winning.

I use Team Darkstalkers.

I would not recommend Team Darkstalkers. Only use this team if you are a hardcore fan of the franchise or are simply a masochist. I happen to be both.

If you want to make an incredibly effective and irritating as fuck team, go with Trish/Storm/Morrigan. If you’re good at taking advantage of Trish and Storm’s mobility options, staying at the opposite end of the screen will be an easy task for you, and Morrigan’s Dark Harmonizer can help you build meter without having to actually engage your opponent. This way you can just keep away and spam supers all day.

Storm/Trish/Phoenix, Trish/Ammy/Phoenix, Trish/Storm/Morrigan, Trish/Tron/Phoenix. Anything with Trish and Phoenix should work.

Trish/Morrigan/Phoenix. Or you can steal Clakey D’s first team, which was actually surprisingly solid considering how early into the game we were and use X-23/Tron/Morrigan.

Storm/Morrigan/Phoneix is so obviously the best female team, but be warned that you might lose your friend if you use this team. A serious, non cheap team to try would be the old J Wong She-Hulk/Ammy/Tron, since Ammy is female. If your friend doesn’t acknowledge Ammy as female you can swapping Ammy with Felicia and use the Tron flame to setup Felicia’s command throw.

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Thank you