Full Manuel?

Hello everyone. I have played Smash Bros for awhile but you couldn’t necessarily say I’m an advanced player. My friend however knows the game inside out, and taught me moves I never even knew were in the game. There seems to be a lot of terms that I don’t understand (Teather, U-air, Gimp, Dare, Fair, etc). Is there a manual that teaches one all the definitions and moves associated with each? I would like to become an advanced player but I first need to learn how to play.

There is somewhere, but I don’t know where.

Teather are moves that allow you to get back onto the stage using a grapple or something. Ivysaur’s vine whip, Zero Suit Samus’ whip, Link’s Hookshot, etc, all count as teathers.

U-Air is jump, up+A. D-/U-/F-air all are the same thing with their respective directions.