Full Moves List on SF Wiki


Hey everyone,

I noticed that the moves list for USF4 wasn’t up on the Wiki yet, so I spent all day working on it… was hard to get it to come out properly lol
Finally just finished, but after working on it for so long I wouldn’t be surprised if I made a mistake or 2… if you find any mistakes, feel free to make the corrections yourself or let me know here and I’ll go fix it. :slight_smile:

If someone could review Rolento in particular that would be great, I don’t know much about him yet and just got all of my info from Event Hubs… unfortunately I’m a PC user so I don’t actually have access to Ultra yet :frowning:


The biggest problem I can see is that you used the wrong wiki. No one uses that thing.

If you’re interested in updating a Wiki, the SRK one is still in need of info for the new characters.



Well crap, didn’t know that lol
Thanks for the link there I didn’t even know that existed, I’ll probably help update that wiki :slight_smile: