Full Results for the UCB Feb 1st Turney: MVC2, SF3, SFA3

Ok, I dont normally post these things, but Ise somehow left the results in my car, and I can’t give them back to him anytime soon because I’m not going to be in berkeley until maybe thursday. ANyway, I’m a pretty sharp guy, so I think I can figure the brackets out. I don’t know everyone’s full or last names, though.

SFA3 results (8 people):

1- John Choi
2- Eric “I lost to John Choi” Choi
3- Campbell Tran
4- Tom Chan
5- Pat Miller, Daniel “I hate XMSF Wolverine” Chang,David C
6- Eric Chou

3rd Strike results (13 people):

1- John Choi
2- Eric “I lost again to John Choi” Choi
3- Campbell Tran
4- Jerry J.
5- Hiroshim Irby, Wei Lin
7- Eric Chou, Jason
9- Steve “I almost died at Reno” Yoo, Abby, Brian, David C.
13- Mikey Rasaphone, Eric Hsu, John ?

MVC2 results (19 people):

1- Randy Lew
2- Mikey Rasaphone
3- Steve Yoo
4- Doug Hesia
5- Anthony; Larry S.
7- Kim Hahn, Chris “I hate runaway with a passion” Yun
9- Stevie Gonzalez, Eric Wang, Sam Sim, Bihn Kim
13- Jackson Sim, Ronald Lew, Ed Shim, Eric “I lost 5 times to John Choi” Choi
17- Robert Lew, Hiro, Eric Chou

CVS2 results (21 people):

Incomplete. The CVS2 machine broke yesterday, and since UCB doesnt own the machine, the organizers didnt have the key to open it up and fix it. The guy who has the key normally shows up at the turneys, but this time, he was in Socal for CHinese new years. BTW, it is worth noting that Eric Choi also lost to John Choi in CVS2.

Anyway, I’m sure I speak for the UCB fellas when I say thanks for coming out. Ise felt really bad that the CVS2 turney turned out lousy. He broke down crying afterwards and tried to hang himself. Thankfully, we stopped him in the nick of time. So don’t be too hard on him next time you see him.

How did the machine break? Did Crazy Guy enter the tournament or something?

The final 4 at the top of winners before the CvS2 machine broke were John Choi vs. Me and Mikey Rasphone vs. Campbell aka Buktooth…That tourney was looking pretty crazy until the sticks and buttons started fucking up…Looks like I have to wait for my rematch till another day…Damn UCB sticks…


it just broke. i dunno.

Tom Chan got 4th. David C. tied for 5th. I am David C.

The right side of CvS2 broke when PAT THE GREAT was playing against Kim. Thus, of course, it’s PAT THE GREAT’s fault. PAT THE GREAT broke the tourney.

The turnout wasn’t as good as I had hoped for. And it should be noted that I did not get last in 3rd strike.


yeah, i checked out the bearcade today, and the machine is shut down…
anyone have an idea of when they’ll have it back up?
no comp when I play on ps2 at dorms…

what did they do with the sign-up money for CVS2? did people get refunds since the machine broke and the tournament did not finish? just wondering.

people who already lost two matches and were eliminated from the turney, they did not get refunds.

the people who were still alive in the tournament, they got their entry fees back. Each also got a share of the fees from the eliminated people.