Full Results from SJ2 in Philly(UP)

Yo players thanks for coming i had FUN with all you players this weekend meet alot of new players and old players i have not see in a while:D

Beside the small Turn-out there was some GREAT comp here all weekend and some hot final’s Bryheem and JOP in Tekken Tag was off the hook:cool:.

I learned alot from this tournament just by listing to some of the players so by NEC3 the little thing’s will be fixed and the tournament will be more afordable for all the players.

But as always i had a GREAT time with everyone here.



1st.—Ricky Ortiz–Cali
2nd.—Arturo Sanchez–NYC
3rd.—Reagan “Prez” Phillips—MTL
4th.—Veasna Thul—MTL
5th.—Sanford Kelly—NYC


1st.—Rick Mears–philly
2nd.—Desmond Pinkey–NYC
3rd.—Ricky Ortiz—Cali
4th.—Damian Eklund—Philly
5th.—Julian Robinson—Philly
t5th.—Brandon Deshields–philly


1st.–Ricky O.–cali
2nd.–Tony L.–MTl
3rd.–Arturo S.–nyc
4th.–James P.–Md.
5th.–Reagan P.–MTL
t5th.–Robin T.–nyc

CVS2 Team:

1st.—Ricky O., Arturo S. Julian R.
2nd.–Jeron G, Sanford K. ( two man TERROR)
3rd.—Alex D. Veasna, Fred
4th.–Prez, Soth, Toney
5th.–Josh W. Eric St. Rob
5th.–damian E. Ron M, Som D.
7th.–Cris N. Mike B. Robin T.
7th.–Sean N. Jason N. Bobby

TK4: Console

1st:—Jackie Tran–Atl
3rd.–Bruce I.–Nyc


2nd.–Bryheem K.–philly
3rd.—Ricky O.–cali
4th.—Julian R.–Philly
5th.–Eric Lee–Md
t5th.–Shawn Dillion–Md


1st.–Steve H.–Nj
2nd.–Jackie T.–atl
4th.–Mick --atl
5th.–Bill M.–va
t5th.–Marc P.–Md


1st.–Dan W.–Nova
4th.–John G.–De
5th.–jose De

Again i like to give out thanks to everyone that came and i hope to see everyone at NEC3(Dec 6–8) till have fun.:cool:

Great tourney Eric, we had alot of fun and we’ll be there for NEC3.

Make sure you put those pictures up.

Cool Tony thanks.

Also to all players I will lower the entry for alot of games at NEC3
So players will have extra for other things.:smiley:

I’m saving to go to a big national.

How big was the last NE2?


Yeah like eric said it was a small turn-out but it is all good.:cool:

I met some new players, and chilled with some old friends from out of town. The comp there was still good as always, and peeps should know philly is the place to come if you want some of the best comp on the east coast period:evil:

It should have been up to atleast 70 or 60 people for mvc2, and cvs2 but crap happens so oh well:bluu:

I must say i am happy with myself that i actually put sanford in the losers in mvc2, i was shocked as hell that i played him so well. Everybody was cheering, and screaming after it was over.

But when i was doing the ironman infinite, so many people starting yelling i almost lost my concentration cause it was so loud, and i did not wanna mess up. Desmond, and alot of people were shocked, and they knew the turn-out for the tournament would have been different if i didn’t win. Desmond said, i killed the virus.

Sanford, is a damn monster in that game. It was very hard trying to play him the smart way, i seen what he does to people when he plays, and me also. He killed me 2nd match we had badly, i mean his sentinel was killing my characters badly:eek:

3rd round i guess my ironman came through for me, i must give mad props to sanford for giving me the fight of my life in mvc2, and the best comp i ever had to play out of all the times i played that game. Sanford kelly will always be santhrax!:evil:

Funny thing is, so many people expected me to brag, and brag about beating him. I am not a bragging player, i never was. Sanford is kool as hell with me anyway, so i would not brag about him at all. I just stayed quiet, and nodded my head when some people asked me questions.

But i loved seeing the ttt comp, jop’s jack’s are like no other jack’s in the world:eek: He actually beat ricky ortiz with those monster’s. The cvs2 matches were by far the best, and most exciting matches by far. The person i loved watching the most was the asian guy from canada, i forgot his name though. He used a groove.

Cvs2 had the most intense matches i ever seen, and even more intense than mvc2. Overall the tourney was kool, but it needs to be way better at nec3.

NEC2 had 64–70 players, for CVS2, MVC2—64 players, ST—24 players, TK4—48 players, SC1–16 players, MK3—12 players, 3S–24 players A3—20 players, GGX 10 players, SSBM—16 players,
SS4 12 players, SS2–10 players, X-Men 1st tournament was on sat we had 20 players, 2nd tournament was on Sunday we had 16 players, HF—12 players, MVC2 2nd day Tournament we had 20 players Mvc1—16–20 players SS2–10 players MK2–12 players,

sj2 was fun, but that cvs2 bullshit with ricky ortiz and arturo was so fucking gay. arturo would have gotten shat on by ortiz and lost to prez, but he knew he couldnt beat prez again so he pussied out and asked ortiz to lose to him. they didnt even play in the finals. thats the most fucked up shit ive ever seen, i was starting to like cvs2.

the mtl people are coo too, prez is a beast.

True dat, it does suck the excitement out of the finals/near finals, and it sounds like Prez got screwed. Oh, and Sanford, for someone as gifted as you, you have a cripplingly bad attitude.

yeah man , sj2 was fun but i didn’t get much sleep on saturday. infact , i got no sleep. thanks again to mike b. for letting me stay at your house, you are the shit and so is your commando!(Desmond :lol: ). i wish i could have done better but i just wasn’t used to the sticks. i always have a really good time when i goto philly and wanna recognize a few people i always like seeing there: mike b., eric v., eric s., brandon, sanford, josh w., damian, ron, xecutioner, ron, trap12, killervi3t, ricky, arturo, javier, mike and especially izaac. i hope i see all you guys at NEC, i’ll be there.


Mad cool tournament, my first major and i didnt do half bad in mvc2. Had a good match with ortiz and julian, mad props to mike b for lettin us stay at your place, it was cool meetin all the good players. I’ll be back at NEC! O yea, canada is a beast at cvs2!!

Yeah canda is some killers in cvs2, mad props to the canadian who beat jeron. He was my favortie cvs2 player there, his style is good, and he has a evil smile :evil: While he is cheesing you to death

That was a great weekend! I have to give a few shout outs first off. Nice work running all those tournys Eric, without you there would be no U.P. Demon Hyo… Thank you for making my night! ( I was the white guy taping most MVC2 matches) Your ironman is sick! I was so pissed that I didn’t have my camera charged while you were playing Sanford, that was the SJ2 MVC2 best match! And of course I was there all day Fri, Sat, and up to 8pm Sunday and I had to of missed what I hear was and exciting TTT match between JOP and Bryheem.
I am in the process of putting up some footage of the tourny.
MVC2 matches I have The Finals of Desmond vs Rick, and Rick vs Ricky O. Josh W vs Damian, Damian vs Brandon and Desmond vs Julian. Peace

good stuff guys i couldn’t come up b/c of money issues but maybe i will make NEC

Glad you had fun, and thankd for the props. I wish you would have recorded that match with me, and sanford.

Oh well it is kool, umm did anybody get those matches? Also my match vs damian sucked, not because i lost but i was playing so sloppy that round:bluu:

X is way too fuckin pwerful, props

the $10 entry scared away the poverty stricken marvel players…
from philly alone we could have had like 30 people…

someone taped my fight against josh??? … does it have audio ?:evil:

good shit brandon your a real good player I did menton that I WAS NOT FEELING MVC2 LIKE THAT ANYMORE so imo all thats left for me to do in mvc2 is beat rodolfo :evil:

row im coming and you will be infected I promise you.

sanford tell Rowtron i will find him a place to stay for free and i will give him $100.00 towards his plan tic if he wants to come to NEC3 so you and him can get it on.:evil:

Yeah sanford, tell rowtron to come. Or get justin to tell him to come to NEC3, i will also promise you a rematch with me if you can get him to come.

what were the results of the tekken 4 tournament on 8/31?..
anybody know? eric where’s the results at dood?..