Full schedule's recap on FR17, his joystick and what it does, top player treatment, wizard debacle


originally posted in the umvc3 section but I feel like it needs to hit the masses rather than just regulars who only play marvel. What he ran into at FR can happen to any good player when they run into FGC people whom are notable and can play politics.

FS goes over what happened at FR17. How he didn’t use those buttons against champ
eo\wong, some explanation on what the buttons actually do, his experiences with top player treatment and how the TOs handled it. He also talks about the wizard\jebailey ruling on the stick.

Something like this needs to be on the front page of srk\eventhubs. There is virtually no voice for the little guy who plays like a boss. I think topics like this are far more worthy than " japan like decapre " articles isn’t it?

we’re the TO’s right to manipulate the bracket twice for Champ?
did wizard go too far by calling someone a douchebag liar after he said it was legal?
is there a good way to handle top player treatment? its not like you can penalize TOs can you?
where do you draw the line on input devices and if you draw the line somewhere, is it before or after FS’s stick?

Full Schedule's Stick/Hitbox at Final Round

http://pastebin.com/WL3gZGfy some extra backstory with the bracket drama from facebook


here’s my theoretical question on the matter:

what if someone creates a stick that has dedicated microswitches for up/right, up/left, etc? is that legal?

after that exists, someone would make an equivalent hitbox setup with matching directional inputs. is it still illegal?

this whole controversy doesn’t make much sense to me unless you either say hitboxes are banned or you say “if they ever create a new model of stick with more microswitches we wouldn’t allow it.”


You’re forgetting where they banned Noel’s EX cause she has a restraining order against him. Even though it was only on one day it was still fucked up.


They banned noel’s ex from tournies because she got beat up? Thats IMMENSELY fucked up.


She doesn’t play fighting games and Noel does. It’s easier to ban her from the event so he can still participate than to not do anything and she can show up and have him arrested for having a hobby.


And the scene wonder why the scene has a bad rep.


It sounds really bad on paper, but don’t you agree it would be really shitty for someone to prevent someone else from having a hobby? I’m not saying what Noel did was right or I agree with the actions he took, I’m just saying I understand the reasoning behind banning her, because the only thing it stops is her causing a scene at an event and having someone arrested for doing nothing but being at a venue for something they enjoy.


A is criminal he has to deal with the consequences of his actions even if it effects his hobby.


Noel’s legal problems, for the most part, have nothing to do with fighting games or the fighting game community. Allowing his ex could cause unnecessary legal troubles especially if she somehow decides to show up at a tournament just to fuck with him.

And so what if he’s a criminal. One of the best thing about the FGC is the fact what we are diverse. It’s one of the few places where you can find people of different backgrounds coming together to share a common passion. As UltraDavid once mentioned in one of his guest articles on the front page, we already have more than a few folks who have done time as part of the community. Why make a special case for Noel?


As re going too far - I’d bet a banana that that was just a shallow off the cuff response upon hearing that a ‘macro’ stick user was claiming that he’d OK’d it. Pretty certain anybody reading anything at all into it has never met Wiz and as such doesn’t realize his statements are often pretty flippant. It’s not nice, but you either have to chalk it up to ‘honest mistake’ or just perma-hate him because he’s probably going to generally continue to be somewhat flippant for the rest of his natural life and he doesn’t mean anything untowards by it. shrug


it sounds like Full Schedule handled the whole affair with a lot of grace. I know a lot of dudes who wouldn’t as easily kept their composure about the whole situation. so good stuff to him.


How would her showing up cause legal troubles to anyone? Her showing up will magnetically cause Noel’s fist to be attracted to her face?



Her being there would mean that Noel would not be able to compete since she a restraining order against him.


Why not ban both? :coffee:


So you’re saying the wife-beaters, sex offenders, etc. we have in the FGC are…improving it…? because something something diversity?

Seriously, why not just ban the guy that’s dragging his legal troubles to tournaments (who also has a history of attacking people at tournaments), rather than the people he assaults?


Because all that has nothing to do with fighting games.


Not directly.

EDIT: I don’t really give that much of a shit about whether or not Noel gets to come play at tournaments but let’s not pretend that there are zero implications in letting him come.


you guys are talking about letting a criminal come to a tournament and not letting his VICTIM come to the same tournament?

do you guys realize how fucked up that is? Please, like, read what you’re actually saying and think about it for a second