Full Schedule's Stick/Hitbox at Final Round


Anyone got a pic? I heard it was a stick then I heard it was a hitbox, so I don’t know really
How would you even go about making separate buttons for each diagonal while still keeping the cardinal directions intact?

Tokido style stick - tournament legal?
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Here is the stick: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=104549163&postcount=1751

That said, this is very borderline TT related. Maybe take it to the Fighting Game Discussion thread.


So what were they doing with it that created the controversy?


Too consistent with TK Seismos and Viper Balls and that crazy Marvel 3 stuff.
I still want to know how to wire diagonals to a single button though


Wire both forward and up or forward and back to a designated button, other QD to ground, voila. It’s literally that simple.


Just two signals wires and one ground to each button. Nothing extremely sophisticated.


Don’t you need some diodes so you don’t short those directions together?


No, you can add them but most PCB I/O is an input with a pull up, so attaching them together won’t harm them.


Right but if you simply pull the signals from the PCB for both directions you’d pull both when you hit left, up or right on the JLF. You would need to isolate those two buttons (The Up+Left and Up+Right) with a logic gate, wouldn’t you?


God rest my black heart, I’m going to effortpost this. Tigre, I hate you.

So this isn’t as simple as binding the two inputs together.


If you do this, you make the up, left and right signals all common to each other. Meaning if you hit any of those on the stick, you get all three active on the PCB. Bad idea, and won’t work.

No, in order to make this happen you have to keep the signal lines isolated from each other, yet still pull them both down when you press your magic upback or upforward button.


I would be very interested to see how he set up those buttons, because gauging by the level of thought actual modders have put into this, I do not think he was that clever.

If I had to guess, he probably has some hackneyed ‘stick to analog, magic buttons to digital pad’ or similar hackjob set up. It requires less thought and works for a lot of games seamlessly.


Oh I’m a dumbass, yeah you’d need to isolate the combination. Lol.


OK I’m a little rusty but doesn’t the signal only flow in one direction (to ground)? If that’s the case if you do UF (button) > diode > U input and F input doesn’t that give you the correct input? As long as you isolate the UF/UB button what is the purpose of a logic gate when you have one input only?
Edit: That input being a signal from the UF or UB button.


Remember that your signal doesn’t come ‘from’ the button, for starters, but rather exists at the PCB input and gets pulled low.

I prefer gates because they’re meant for digital logic, and tend to have less impact on the circuit than power diodes (which everyone will use because that’s all their local radioshack stocks). You’d need four of them anyway for this setup, two on up, and one each for left and right. So why not do it properly, since you’re not saving on hardware?


> … Edit: That input being a signal from the UF or UB button.

The signal is when the button closes a circuit that connects the wire on one side (signal) to the wire on the other side (ground) and pulls it down. For our purposes, if you tie two signal wires together without isolation then their voltages are going to be the same, and you can’t pull one down without pulling down the other.

> …So why not do it properly, since you’re not saving on hardware?

Quad nand chips seem a bit more expensive and require more wiring than 4 diodes. Though time and shipping are bigger costs, and I have no clue what Radio Shack would charge.


If FullSchedule wanted to get by all this and still have UR+UL as buttons what about just having four 24mm buttons in their place. 2 and 2 for UR and UL and just position everything as close as possible. Might be a little cumbersome but if the real gripe is about having 2 directions wired to one button, this gets around that; as ridiculous a solution it is though.

However I give FullSchedule all my props available for doing something spectacular and innovative. If anything he definitely injected an adrenaline boost into Mahvel this past weekend.


Outside the technical sides of wiring 2 inputs into a single button;
What the Hell any of this have to do with Tech Talk? :coffee:

For the technological aspects, a thread like this is going to happen sooner or later
and I can see legit applications of this being used, like individuals who are handicapped or have limited mobility benefiting from this.

But when it comes into the realm of competitive gaming events, two-inputs-one-button should have no place.

Just to piss on everyone’s cheerios, Warning open at your own risk!


two-inputs-one-button = two-girls-one-cup


Less expensive, better availability, and ease of use. For this application the impact that digital gates comparatively have is moot, this is designed to be a dirty and quick hardware mod to play a video game and unless you really want to pat yourself on the back it’s just not worth it.

I’d use diodes because I’m lazy and don’t feel like dealing with mounting an IC so the legs and wires have strain relief. That’s just me though.


Makes me wonder how you feel about sticks and pads that can hit diagonals.




I think at this point, we’ve all come to personal conclusions about the “legality” of FullSchedule’s stick mod. Getting into whether it’s acceptable at tournaments is probably something that should be discussed outside tech talk like the pit of never ending drama (GD) lol.