Full Set of Capcom Summer Specials for Auction

Hi guys,

Just letting you know that I’m auctioning off a full set of Capcom Summer Specials on ebay, which includes the super rare one.

If anyone’s interested, It’s located here: The starting bid price is $38 Canadian (not including shipping) which is pretty good considering that the original value of each book is $10 each.


I also have a few foil covers that I haven’t put up for auction yet if anyone’s interested in those. $10 Canadian each for the foils (Sorry, don’t have Vega, Ryu, or Akuma)

Where the hell did you get the super rare one from?

A bunch of them were raffled off at the Toronto Con

SenorDD were you there for the final draw? And was Saturdays was for the Rare Version, SDCC figure?

I believe they had a set of the figures on both days. Yes, I was there during the final draw.

do you have the sakura power foil?

Yes, I have that one.

SenorDD haha are u one of the crazy winners there? I remember one guy got Two of the prints, One guy go the figure, One guy got 3 of the Rare “Not for sale” version comic and two posters, another guy got quite a few posters and a few ofthe rare version comic, another got the rare version comic and the Cell of Ryu (ARGGGG). And for the final print, I am not sure if the person only got the print or he might have been one of the previous who won something before. LoL, u wouldn’t happen to be one of them would u? What did u win? and hehe How much did u blow over the course of the weekend?

:wow: im guessin international buyers miss out? :sweat:

You guys are really curious about who I am huh? Well you’d never guess but I was actually one of the guys stuck BEHIND the booth. Yup, that’s right, chances are I was the one you bought stuff from LOL. As gratitude, they let me take a few books for myself. I really don’t have that much, just one set of the summer specials for myself, and one set to sell, and and a few foils.

I remember the guy with like 20 something tickets, he really bought a shit load!

Well my e-bay is set to North American only, but I could send some of the foils over to you if you’d like, although you’d have to pay insane shipping fees.

Wow, I’m surprised this thread didn’t get shut down. Someone told me that people here didn’t like people posting their ebay sales on here… of course they didn’t tell me until a day AFTER I had already posted it. LOL

Lemme guess, the chinese guy with the glasses? aww how did u get to stay behind there =P. That would be cool, getting to see all the skteches, talking to the artists and crew. Anyways, erm after searching through ebay, I happened to found the Sagat/Ryu summer special and erm I am not trying to boast some sales for SenorDD, but some people are actually bidding as high as erm $49.87 for the single issue o_0


<— FRUSTRATED. Must. Have. Rare. Cover!

The Sagat/Ryu cover will be a retailer insentive for places that reserve the new game from what I heard. Places like EB and GameStop. I heard all this from Rupps from www.ruppsworld.com who not only has a few copies, but all the other summer specials/powerfoils.

Yeah, I saw that. That’s insane. Recently another guy has posted a similar auction. They’re both claiming that it’s the “Japanese Edition” of the book. That’s probably what’s suckering people into bidding that high. I’m hoping that some people are willing to go that high on mine, after all, I have all 4 when they just have that one. Logically, it’s a better deal to bid on mine, especially since it’s a lower starting bid.

Which new game? AE or Fighting Jam? FJ isn’t due out for awhile I think, and I already bought AE at EB (though had it preordered at both…oops!) I must haves it!

I know it wasn’t Anniversary Edition. At EB you got a mini Ryu bust if you ordered online and an action figure if you ordered at the store.
Fighting Jam is a possiblity.

I got screwed out of the bust AND the shirt at Gamestop. Bastards. I didn’t bother with trying to get the Chun Li bust, since I have the 2 big ones. Anyone know where the little Akuma bust came from? I saw someone selling it on ebay with AE. Can we get an official statement on the rare issue and how the hell I can get it?

I work at EB, we had no figures to give out to people who bought the game.

edit: we got the busts in today. It’s evil Ryu

Aw crap, the e-mail address of the auction winner doesn’t work! Hopefully they contact me in a day or else I’ll be forced to give it to the runner up.