Full Set of Capcom Summer Specials for Auction

The three Summer Special Comics - Darkstalker Cover, SF Cover, and RS Cover will be in comic book stores this week if you didn’t know already.

Where did u get That info?! :wow:

All over…it’s been on newsarama.com and various other places…like this website, www.streetfightercomic.com… RS cover is already in stores. I say again: www.ruppsworld.com they have all the covers. I keep saying this because 1) I live 15 minutes from there and have been going there for the last 8 years. 2) The majority of online business comes from Street Fighter. (the other is Aspen) So they’re GOING to keep things in stock. If it’s out, just email and say “i want this…”

The Summer Special is not everywhere. It is not listed in Diamond’s shipping list. Only certain stores have them, such as Rupps.

I got the info from my local comic book store where I always get my info. Click on ‘In Store Pick Up.’ I reserved mine for this week, but their catch is for reserving you have to order at least 7 books. That usually works out for me, since I boy around seven books. If your store’s not getting it, I believe Midtown Comics Delivers too!


Your going to have to type this Address out though. Looks like Midtown doesn’t allow direct links.

SenorDD - you probably would have gotten a lot higher bids had you gotten the comics signed. Should have at least tried, being behind the booth with the guys and all.

I didn’t want to bother them when there were actual paying customers in line.

Hey, I emailed you about the foils.

here’s a much better deal for those who are interested…


Is shameless self-advertising going to become a trend on this forum now? Revvy, your auction doesn’t include the Sagat/Ryu Summer Special.

hey, you gotta spread the good word somehow :slight_smile:

the sagat/ryu cover is part of my personal collection.